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Yokoyama Yu's Mother Passed Away

posted by dilaChan on 24 May, 2010 at 10:22 am   ·   0 comments
Yokoyama Yu's Mother Passed Away

Yoko's mom, who was 50 years old, was out shopping on the 16th when she collapsed in the store and was sent to the hospital right away by an ambulance. She died the same day at 11:51 PM. It seems it was some kind of heart disease/heart attack.

She didn't have any serious illnesses and she had seemed to be healthy just the day before, so the news was very shocking for Yoko. Yoko still had to perform his solo concert and he didn't want to leave a hole in his work schedule. At the climax of every concert, Yoko sang a song that he wrote for his mom called "Onigishi". However for the performance on the day of his mother's death, he started crying and couldn't continue to sing.

The next day on the 17th, Yoko was supposed to go for a location shoot for their show "Kanjani8 no Jyaniben", but he left that to Yasu and Maru and went to where his mother was. The funeral was held on the 18th, of which all the members of Kanjani8 attended. Yoko returned for work for Jyaniben on the 19th.

Yoko is the oldest of three brothers, and their parents divorced when they were young. When Yoko was small, he couldn't say "onigiri" properly and called them "onigishi" instead. His song "Onigishi" was written with the feelings of his mom working hard to raise her children by herself.
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