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Tanya Chua Performs in Concert Despite Recent Loss of Father

posted by silverlining on 24 April, 2011 at 05:14 am   ·   8 comments
Tanya Chua Performs in Concert Despite Recent Loss of Father

As the saying goes, the show must go on. Songstress Tanya Chua puts on a brave face as she performs for her fans on Saturday night in Taichung City, Taiwan. Tanya had just suffered the loss of her father a few days prior to the concert.

She is reported to have cried so much that she tore the membrane in her nose, forcing her to skip rehearsals.

In the midst of Tanya’s performance, she endured the pain and said, “Dad, I’ve cried for you for so many days, please give my voice the strength (to carry on),”. As Tanya was wrapping up the song “In Remembrance (紀念)”, she found herself weeping and unable to continue singing. Tanya’s fans cheered her along and sang in unison to the chorus of the song, helping her finish the song.

Good friend and fellow Singaporean, Stefanie Sun, showed up as the special guest star.



Translated by: silverlining @ JpopAsia
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  • Posted by BookmarkAHead · 1,690 Jpops · 6 shares · 3 years ago  

    Oh man, that's strength. So much respect for her <3

  • Posted by messenger17 · 259,956 Jpops · 651 shares · 5 years ago  

    Aww so touching such a good girl :3

  • Posted by Amuzure · 192 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    That's so sad. :(

  • Posted by Killersong · 622 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    really touching to see how brave she is

  • Posted by Aysohmay VIP CREW · 277,027 Jpops · 354 shares · 5 years ago  

    Bless her soul for that performance

    The C-King
  • Posted by Natsukii · 4,162 Jpops · 25 shares · 5 years ago  

    Bless her. So strong to go to that.

  • Posted by TsukiyomiYumiko VIP · 36,605 Jpops · 2 shares · 5 years ago  

    now thats a professional, do your best Tanya!!

  • Posted by causztic · 72 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    shes so brave..

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