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Staff and Key Visual Released for 'Blue Exorcist' Film

posted by wonderclover on 31 March, 2012 at 06:09 pm   ·   20 comments
Staff and Key Visual Released for 'Blue Exorcist' Film

The official website for the Blue Exorcist film has revealed many of the key staff members for the film as well as a second piece of teaser visual art.

Atsushi Takahashi will be directing the film with Reiko Yoshida to write the scripts. Keigo Sasaki will be designing the characters with Hiroyuki Sawano to compose the music and Shinji Kimura as art director. A-1 Pictures will be producing the animation.

The original series follows Rin Okumura, a young man who is the illegitimate son of Satan. When Rin's foster father sacrifices himself to save him from the demons, Rin is determined to prove himself and follows the path of an exorcist.

Source: Comic Natalie
Via: ANN
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  • Posted by FujoshiFTW · 1,597 Jpops · 5 shares · 4 years ago  

    Anticipating so much~ @gjapples - There probably will be a new season later on. The movie's probably going to be like the Bleach movies; completely seperate from the plot.

  • Posted by Hateof9hearts · 704 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I loved this the movie better be good! lol.

  • Posted by gjapples VIP · 3,693 Jpops · 243 shares · 4 years ago  

    does anyone know the plot? is it going to pick up where the series left off?

  • Posted by SasukeSama · 12 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    This. Will. Be. Fucking. WIN. >.<

  • Posted by Yessi3795 · 4,351 Jpops · 3 shares · 4 years ago  

    now i wanna watch the anime O.O

  • Posted by Miica · 95,329 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    that's great ... !! ^^ this going to be awesome ... <3<3<3

  • Posted by Ponjikeilover91 · 76,168 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    wowo ... super cool !!! ... this anime is awesome !!!! ... can't wait !!! >.<

  • Posted by jmaki · 6,885 Jpops · 33 shares · 4 years ago  


  • Posted by GlazeBeats · 19,369 Jpops · 8 shares · 4 years ago  

    Theres already gonna be a movie? AWESOME!! :D

  • Posted by Colette614 · 429 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    lol You guys are wierd :D Blue Exorcist is one of the best anime's I've ever watched!

  • Posted by delilah · 32,199 Jpops · 28 shares · 4 years ago  

    I've been meaning to watch Blue Exorcist, i haven't seen a good anime to watch for a long time.

  • Posted by amuto45 · 2,342 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    is the story the same as the anime? if so then i'm not gonna watch this =.=

  • Posted by ShiroiTenshi · 10 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Doesnt seem like its going to be very interesting.... =_=

  • Posted by mikeylovesharuna · 23,590 Jpops · 104 shares · 4 years ago  

    I still haven't watch the anime, its too soon for this

  • Posted by emz18 · 2,652 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  
    emz18 kinda looking forward for the film...but if its the same plot idk if im going to watch it <3

  • Posted by ASianInvasion · 35,724 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    -____- soooo?? the anime is going to be like the one i just saw??????? cuz i dont think....this is right...

  • Posted by Lylo · 15,895 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Hm. Not sure about the plot.

  • Posted by Chiaki0978 · 13,319 Jpops · 50 shares · 4 years ago  

    hmmmm shud i watch this?..

  • Posted by zedramen · 66 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    LOL when i saw the video i was like....this isnt right..... O_O

  • Reply by TakaiJo  

    lol i agree, that was very strange

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