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SNSD, KARA & Wonder Girls First Artists To Get Hangul Domain Name

posted by Aysohmay on 14 May, 2012 at 03:23 pm   ·   26 comments
SNSD, KARA & Wonder Girls First Artists To Get Hangul Domain Name

The Hangul Smart Domain Organization is a new organization providing URL addresses in Hangul. The organization held a poll asking netizen which girl groups should be the first to receive a Hangul domain name. 10 choices were given in the poll, including SNSD, 2NE1, T-ara, KARA and others.

The poll took place between May 3rd and May 11th. 23,274 votes were cast in the poll. The results of the poll can be see below:

1. SNSD - 11,224
2. KARA - 7,023
3. Wonder Girls - 2,583
4. 4minute - 891
5. Secret - 468
6. T-ara - 447
7. Sister - 197
8. Miss A - 162
9. 2NE1 - 155
10. After School - 124

The top three artists in the poll, SNSD, KARA and Wonder Girls, will become the first artists to receive a Hangul domain name. Their fan clubs will also be receiving domain names. The names are as follows: ‘http://소녀시대.홈’”, ‘http://카라.홈’ ‘http://원더걸스.홈’ (각 홈페이지연결), ‘http://소녀시대.팬’, ‘http://카라.팬’, ‘http://원더걸스.팬’.

A similar poll will be held in the future to determine which boy groups will be the first to receive Hangul domain names.

Hangul Smart Domain Organization
Visit for more Asian fun!


  • Posted by tima · 192 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    ah T-ara and kara are better than snsd.

  • Posted by extremeDOnuts · 47 Jpops · 4 years ago  


  • Posted by ff301 · 92 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Hangul domain with SNSD name???Wooooaaaaahh!!

  • Posted by supervergil · 1,129 Jpops · 66 shares · 4 years ago  

    SNSD.. of course.. 2NE1??.. keep it later.. :p

  • Posted by RedMongoose · 320 Jpops · 65 shares · 4 years ago  

    A bit of a blowout huh? I'm surprised T-ara and 2NE1 aren't higher, and KARA same rank but fewer votes, but that just goes to show I'm in a certain kind of bubble (know some really big fans of them).

  • Posted by Hafsa · 164 Jpops · 55 shares · 4 years ago  

    Yay, SNSD are no.1

  • Posted by love323able · 861 Jpops · 2 shares · 4 years ago  

    surprised kara is up that high

  • Posted by MinMin · 7,395 Jpops · 26 shares · 4 years ago  

    after school and 2ne1 are better than snsd....really i can't understand the result....

  • Reply by RaRitsujun  

    different people, different opinions

  • Reply by YukiLee VIP  

    Agree with RaRitsujun

  • Posted by ASianInvasion · 35,724 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    sad that 2ne1 didnt get one but wonder girls got one though

  • Reply by tumbling42  

    it's no big deal, I think, since you have to have a korean keyboard to access those sites in hangeul

  • Reply by RaRitsujun  

    your OS doesnt have other languages like Jap/Kor/Chi?

  • Reply by hyeongy  

    korean is hard to type if you don't know how hangul works or the korean keyboard layout :0

  • Reply by kide777  

    No, you don't have to have Korean keyboard to type hangul. Just set your keyboard layout to Korean keyboard layout. Most of OS support this.

  • Posted by PAK · 71,216 Jpops · 27 shares · 4 years ago  

    Considering the hangul language is easier to use then english (not my own opinion, but what actually studies have shown), I'm surprised that Korea hasn't hade hangul domain names before. I do hope that BEAST gets chosen to have one, mostly because it would mean that they are popular!

  • Reply by RedMongoose  

    I don't know the rules on when they have been allowed to, but they weren't able to make top level domains using other characters until a couple years ago or so. Maybe it's ethnocentric to think it's better to just keep domains using the roman alphabet- but it's helpful to think that everyone could easily get to every webpage- and everyone in those other countries had been forced to use latin characters for the last 10 years anyway, so it kind of seems like it's providing disunity to move away from it now.

    Also, while hangul IS a great well-planned writing system- this isn't about English versus Korean, it's latin script versus hangul. Or rather, hangul versus 한글- and latin script has the advantage of being the base of MANY languages. Hangul is restricted to just Korean, and if you want to promote hallyu, that's not the way to go.

  • Posted by Chiaki0978 · 13,319 Jpops · 50 shares · 4 years ago  

    yup crazy how guys r crazy about SNSD there... o.o

  • Posted by Miimz · 484 Jpops · 4 shares · 4 years ago  

    Noooo... now I have to bookmark these pages to get to them :'( I wonder if they still keep the English URL's?

  • Posted by HitomiKana · 428 Jpops · 4 shares · 4 years ago   now online

    Wow. *O*

    From the looks of this BJs might be mostly composed of I-BJs that's why they didn't have as much votes as the others.

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