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Perfume Revealed Jacket For Its Upcoming Live DVD “Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3)”

posted by bbizzie on 20 February, 2014 at 10:59 pm   ·   2 comments
Perfume Revealed Jacket For Its Upcoming Live DVD “Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3)”

The trio Perfume has revealed the image of the jacket for its highly anticipated Live DVD “Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3).” DVD will drop on April 9 and will consist of the girls’ performance in Tokyo Dome, held last year in December.

The unveiled jacket will be used for Limited Edition version. According to twitter message from Perfume’s official account: “The girls along with the staff made great efforts to select the best one.

The release will also include photo booklet and video footage. More details about upcoming DVD are provided below:

Limited Edition
General Edition
Title: Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3)

Track list:
[Main DISC]
01. Opening
02. Enter the Sphere
03. Spring of Life
04. Magic of Love
05. 1mm
06. Clockwork
07. Point
08. Furikaeru to iru yo
09. Sleeping Beauty
10. Party Maker
11. Spending all my time
12. Conputer City
13. Electro World
14. Jenny wa gokigen nanam
15. One-room Disco
16. Mirai no Museum
17. “P.T.A” no Corner
18. Daijyobanai
19. Polyrhythm
20. Chocolate Disco
22. Dream Land

[Special DISC]
- Spring of Life (multi-scene)
- Party Maker (multi-scene)
- Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3) MC digest
- Perfume 4th Tour in DOME (LEVEL3) Making

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  • Posted by SwedeHeart · 23,690 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    It will be available in Blu ray as well. Hope I can order the limited edition! I want this so bad!! :D

  • Posted by evangelica · 7,193 Jpops · 320 shares · 2 years ago  

    Definitely ordering!!!

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