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Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka Names New Band LoVendoЯ

posted by Aysohmay on 3 February, 2013 at 06:51 pm   ·   27 comments
Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka Names New Band LoVendoЯ

Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka has announced that the name of her new band will be LoVendoЯ.

Tanaka will be graduating from the group on May 21st after completing Morning Musume's upcoming nationwide tour "Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Haru Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Sotsugyou Kinen Special~". After her graduation, the singer will be focusing her efforts on making her new band a success.

According to the band's website, LoVendoЯ - pronounced "lavender" - will be holding their first live performance on March 27th.

The band has not announced any singles or albums so far, and will focus on live performances over music releases.

LoVendoЯ will be a 4-member, all-girl band consisting of Reina Tanaka & Marina Okadaon on vocals, and Marin Myazawa & Yuki Uozumi on guitar.

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  • Posted by pinkclover · 820 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    im so curious yeah!~

  • Posted by Soifon92 · 93 Jpops · 18 shares · 3 years ago  

    No way!! : O I want to know their sound.

  • Posted by MexG2 · 203 Jpops · 2 shares · 3 years ago  

    I read somewhere that that band name was submitted by Takahashi Ai Lmao Backwords "R" and all.

  • Reply by Soifon92  

    Lol. That seems legit to me. xD

  • Posted by RinXnero · 13 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    SEEMS FRIGGAN LEGIT go tanaka :D

  • Posted by SongNight · 265 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Ponderous. One less person in Momusu I'll be able to recognize. T.T

  • Posted by Yominis · 373 Jpops · 2 shares · 3 years ago  

    I'm curious how good/bad their songs are going to be.
    And about the name... I have seen A LOT of more stupid and ridiculous names. This actually sounds good for me. :-)

  • Posted by furubashi · 805 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    凄いね、何かスカンダルっぽいね~とりあえず、お楽しみに!awsesome, sommin looks like scand l.. nvertheless , looking foraward for it

  • Posted by MissZeyra · 55,174 Jpops · 5 shares · 3 years ago  

    i like the name. but no need to change Lavender to lovendo.
    nevermind , its still COOL.

  • Reply by MML VIP  

    The name isn't being change to LoVendoЯ.
    It's just that pronunciation is the same as Lavender.
    And the group name stands for "Love" and "Vendor" combined together

  • Posted by Sousuke22 · 735 Jpops · 11 shares · 3 years ago  

    What a name !! Well can't wait for the single :D

  • Posted by MML VIP CREW · 740,555 Jpops · 753 shares · 3 years ago  

    I want a single release!!

  • Posted by r0lan · 16 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    curiouser and curiouser! Cant wait to hear how they sound

  • Posted by miyokijewels · 199 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Interesting would love to see how they sound XD

  • Posted by SwedeHeart · 23,690 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Why aren't there a bass player and drummer? Just two guitar players doesn't make a band complete. XD But yeah, it's still interesting.

  • Posted by Xaffe · 75 Jpops · 19 shares · 3 years ago  

    haha, clever clever clever, very nice.

  • Posted by TheViperman VIP CREW · 233,533 Jpops · 512 shares · 3 years ago  

    A portmanteau of "love" and "vendor", and read as "lavender", huh?
    Sounds like a name for a brothel... :rolleyes:

    ▶ ▲ ⚫ ◀ ⚫
  • Posted by AKB48fangirl · 616 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    Isnt it ironic her replacement, Sakura's color is lavender? and the band is pronounced lavender..

  • Posted by Moonwell · 196 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    This isnt something I am really looking forward to.

  • Posted by YUI128 · 480 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    Yay! Can't wait to hear music from them :D I <3 Reina ( not in that creepy way lol)

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