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Mayu Watanabe Beats Yamashita Tomohisa in Oricon's Single Ranking

posted by delilah on 1 March, 2012 at 04:29 am   ·   39 comments
Mayu Watanabe Beats Yamashita Tomohisa in Oricon's Single Ranking

AKB48's Mayu Watanabe, Yamashita Tomohisa, and T-ARA are just some of the idols who released their single last Feb 29th, but Mayu Watanabe's "Synchro Tokimeki" managed to snag the top spot in Oricon's single ranking. "Synchro Tokimeki" debuted with 50145 sales, not far from behind is Yamashita Tomohisa's "Ai, Texas" with 47150 sales. Lastly, T-ARA's "Roly-Poly" earned 14999 sales.

In the new album ranking for Feb29th, J-Rock band Ikimonogakiri's "Newtral" debuted with 58684 sales, followed by Minori Chihara's "D-Formation" with 5809 sales, and The Best of Fullmetal Alchemist got 5770 sales.
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  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 8,715 Jpops · 10 shares · 3 years ago  

    I just came here for Minorin. :p

  • Posted by KebinuOppa · 1,035 Jpops · 35 shares · 3 years ago  


  • Posted by extremeDOnuts · 47 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    wwwwwwooooooowww!!!! CONGRATS

  • Posted by sazala · 565 Jpops · 17 shares · 4 years ago  

    wow. i would never have thought... O_O

  • Posted by H20 · 729 Jpops · 5 shares · 4 years ago  

    quite shocked...........

  • Posted by Xaffe · 75 Jpops · 19 shares · 4 years ago  

    WHAT?! Awwww, nooo way. Well, I guess Yamapi's single wasn't that good :/ But I can't believe how popular AKB is getting.

  • Posted by zhypi07 · 780 Jpops · 2 shares · 4 years ago  

    That's alright. You're still the best for us! <3

  • Posted by MysteryFlavor · 3,614 Jpops · 5 shares · 4 years ago  

    Yamapi's still very good! Gambare, everyone!

  • Posted by himitsu05 · 2,254 Jpops · 417 shares · 4 years ago  

    Wow~ AKB48 is on the roll~

  • Posted by yubikiri · 244 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    woah...beat yamapi?! this is unheard of!

  • Posted by Chiaki0978 · 13,319 Jpops · 50 shares · 4 years ago  

    woaah loveeee their outfits!

  • Posted by Miica · 95,329 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I love Yamapi's song..!! :D I'm really happy that he is Top 3 of best sales... ^^ Good for him...<3<3<3

  • Posted by chelenaX · 115 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    well I'm not a jpop fun but I could tell you that Yamapi's song is realy good! much better than the usual awkward jpop songs. With this song at least he got a new fun, it's me :D

  • Posted by ladytenshi · 215 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Ugh this is what happens when you put 5 other versions of the out for sale at convenience stores that have prettier covers and make them not count in the oricon. Well the song is okay but it wouldve been better if it was Adamas or Dreamer. Still I guess 2nd place is still okay. Even Namie Amuro had her share of 2nds and 3rd but shes still the Queen Namie. There's still the weekly ranking..

  • Posted by samtrooper · 834 Jpops · 14 shares · 4 years ago  

    haha yamapi got outpaced xD

  • Posted by furubashi · 805 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    二人共超凄い、けど麻友の方は山下よりwww both are good but mayuyu is better^^

  • Posted by Masuda · 169 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I actually liked Ai Texas~ Of course, maybe Johnny might reconsider letting YamaPi go solo and put him back in NEWS ♥ (That's not going to happen...)

  • Posted by yuima · 5,507 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    not surprising to me.. tomo chan really disappointed me with his new single.. and AKB got lots male supports from various ages.. so.. i accept this result

  • Reply by ladytenshi  

    If it werent for Saikou no Jinsei, I bet Dreamer would have been the single.. clearly much better song. Well, the online and overseas purchases will count on the weekly so maybe it will still be ok.

  • Posted by OshareKeiLover · 77,587 Jpops · 510 shares · 4 years ago  

    That's kinda surprising that Yamapi lost

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