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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Reveals Thoughts On Minami Minegishi Scandal

posted by Aysohmay on 15 February, 2013 at 08:52 pm   ·   65 comments
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Reveals Thoughts On Minami Minegishi Scandal

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was a guest on the French television program "Le Petit Journal" while visiting the country for her world tour "100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013". During the show, the singer discussed the Minami Minegishi scandal that captured international interest.

"In the Japanese idol world, they are very strict about relationships. It's like in return for male fans' support, idols keep out of relationships and love, devoting themselves to their jobs as idols," Kyary stated when asked about the scandal.

The singer explained that she could love freely and openly since she wasn't an idol, distinguishing herself as a true artist. She criticized idols as people who act a certain way to get men to notice them.

"In my opinion, and idol's job is to suck up to men and do what they can to get their attention. What I do though is something guys will never love. What I'm doing is more like an artist than an idol," she said.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's world tour brought her to Europe during the beginning of February. The singer will be returning to Japan for more performances before traveling internationally once again.

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  • Posted by Melizz20 · 76 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Offensive. As a artist she should of know that there are things you say in public and things you don't. Sure it's her opinion, but insulting other groups just makes her look bad.

  • Posted by KareyPamyuPamyu · 102 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Did they translate wrong?

  • Posted by Yominis · 373 Jpops · 2 shares · 3 years ago  

    Well I will be propably hated for this comment but... Since when is Kyary making "art"? She is great model and has cute character but her singing is terrible and she is not that original... But maybe I just don't know enough?
    I'm not saying that the not-dating rule is a good thing but I don't think it's her place to criticize idols like that. She is trying hard to get attention too.

  • Posted by arisutan · 69 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    This report is not correct

  • Posted by LadyRavenB · 13,215 Jpops · 17 shares · 3 years ago  

    In a lot of ways this is very similar to the way old Hollywood used to be. In there contracts be they male or female, there were very strict rules regarding relationships. They required that they always appear obtainable. If a relationship was allowed it was approve by the company they were contracted to and ended how and when they wanted it to. As a result, many of them kept secret relationships and children that no one was supposed to know about. Most American agencies have dropped this practice but it still exists in Asian and some European companies.

    Honestly all of them should be viewed as artists and human. They should be allowed to form relationships and live a semi normal life. Instead they tend to be treated like puppets, when they are done peforming they are put away in their little boxes.

  • Posted by ShindouHikaru · 6,507 Jpops · 7 shares · 3 years ago  

    Love Kyray she kept it real and told it how it is :)
    Once your an idol there is no such thing has a love life and she isn't an idol so Kyray is allowed to have a life.

  • Posted by RinaRosie · 230 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Lol! I like her! xD

  • Posted by saitokeiko · 17 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    wow I like Kyary! she is really fun and unique! and I swa on this post too that she is very honest too :D

  • Posted by adi666adi · 74 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    hahahahahaha artis ngak penting banyak bacot :p

  • Reply by Drikimaru  

    oi pake bahasa inggris don gan haha

  • Posted by SongNight · 265 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    I see what she means, although I'm sure not all idols just want to get the attention of men. I always thought it looked like a pretty fun job, with the peppy music and all.

  • Posted by Moimoy · 390 Jpops · 5 shares · 3 years ago  


  • Posted by H20 · 729 Jpops · 5 shares · 3 years ago  

    I like her statement, but maybe she had not said it in the right way.

  • Posted by konekoningyou · 1,662 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    this is so true, i like how she's thoughtful and honest at the same time :D

  • Posted by DarkBlueDoll · 330 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    I love what she said. And I'm happy to know that she can do whatever she wants :)

  • Posted by kagachi · 76,916 Jpops · 307 shares · 3 years ago  

    AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN COMMENT ON MIICHAN'S SCANDAL! (fyi. not raging nor complaining)

  • Posted by kagachi · 76,916 Jpops · 307 shares · 3 years ago  

    im a fan of both. and i agree that akb48 is an idol group and that she is an artist. but i dont agree with what she said about idols. idols pick out their audience's favourite points and strive their best in those areas. whereas artists are pretty much doing what THEY want.

  • Posted by RenSaiki21 · 17,032 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Kyary is ryt! I thought somthing like that too~

  • Posted by Bellasmatte · 1,792 Jpops · 237 shares · 3 years ago  

    all i can hear is "bla bla bla bla and I sooo much better then anyone else, bla bla bla bla".

  • Reply by kagachi  

    no comment. just get out.

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