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JpopAsia's 2012 Year End Playlist

posted by Aysohmay on 18 December, 2012 at 01:33 am   ·   38 comments
JpopAsia's 2012 Year End Playlist

With 2012 coming an end, JpopAsia's staff has looked back through the past year for the best music Asia had to offer. Check out what everyone's favorite tracks have been and give the songs a listen. Who knows, you may discover a hidden gem before the year is up!

Keia: You know, I never really listened to this band, but this song caught my attention and in the end I think it's the song I listened to the most this year. For me, it creates a peaceful atmosphere and I calm down a lot while listening to it. I also think the PV tells a really nice story.

Honorable Mentions: "Kimi ga Iru Kara" by Acid Black Cherry and "Zangetsu no Akari" by DIAURA

NaNaShinobi: What can I say about this awesome song? It has wonderful lyrics, a wonderful video, wonderful music, wonderful everything! G-Dragon and T.O.P composed the lyrics, creating a romantic ballad that doubles as their way of telling the media they aren't monsters despite the group's scandals.

Honorable Mentions: "LOVE CHASE" by Tomohisa Yamashita and "Worth Fighting For feat. HOWIE D" by Yu Shirota

Bluesweater: Brave Girls' second mini album, "Re-Issue", was released in February with the track "Nowadays You" as the lead track. Wrapped in masculine concept and smooth choreography, this catchy song has been one of my favorite songs of the year!

Honorable Mentions: "The Beginning" by ONE OK ROCK and "I Got Ya" by Big Star

Aysohmay: EXO-K began their career as one of the most annoying groups in K-pop history, inundating people with way too many teasers for their own good; however, things immediately changed when they released their first music video for "What Is Love", becoming a breath of fresh air with their soulful song about love. Only a handful of ballads have been able to convey as emotion as this song did.

Honorable Mentions: "Torn Heart" by Ivy and "Rakuen" by Miliyah Kato

sergel02: The up-tempo beat is juxtaposed with poignant lyrics of needing to say goodbye. The bittersweet feeling of the song is one of the best points. It makes you want to dance and sing a long, but doesn't neglect or hinder the importance of the lyrics. Overall, the song is a great balance of catchy beats, melodic sounds, harmonies, and nice singing with a painful but inspiring message.

Honorable Mentions: "Alone" by SISTAR and "Intensely" by Spica

CharlesDefon: Jasmine has the impressive capability of coupling an immensely powerful voice with passionate emotion, resulting in a deeply moving piece. This talent is displayed once again in Jasmine's "Best Partner". The song's meaningful lyrics detail an intense bond between two individuals who will always be able to count on each other for support. The instrumental sets the tone of the piece, utilizing the sounds of an orchestra combined with an energetic beat to effortlessly fluctuate between uplifting encouragement and a slightly solemn undertone. The music video compliments the song's attributes, bringing together simplicity and an artistic style to enhance the experience without detracting from the song itself.

Honorable Mentions: "Be Alright" by Cream and "Tonari ni Itakatta feat Wise" by Fumika

silverlining: Rainie Yang had one of the most emotionally evocative songs and music videos to come out of Taiwan this year. The simple melody paired with the deep pain and longing to just be happy created one of the most powerful ballads this year.

Honorable Mentions: "Cherry Blossom Ending" by Busker Busker and "That XX" by G-Dragon

elenko94: "The Grasshopper Song" is my favorite song this year due to its catchy lyrics and beautiful music. With this song, Sunny Hill has once again reinvented themselves and released something not quite like anything else on the K-pop market.

Honorable Mentions: "Every Night" by EXID and "White Night" by Nell

What were your favorite songs of 2012? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to vote for your favorites in the JpopAsia Music Awards nomination round!

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  • Posted by Pakuibi · 489 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Wo ai Rainie.. :)

  • Posted by zhypi07 · 780 Jpops · 2 shares · 3 years ago  

    Congrats Yamapi! <3<3<3

  • Posted by Sikanda · 524 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Mm.. I understand the mention to "Worth figthin' for" (Shirota Yu), but he have better songs. Well, but this song was numer 1 at UNSEN.

  • Posted by Qu4Lia · 29,643 Jpops · 39 shares · 4 years ago  

    OOR!!!.... >.< >.<

  • Posted by Mia7Chan · 2,132 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I respect the choices xD
    really great songs were mentioned...
    I would add "Firefly" bump of Chichen, "bad boy" BIGBANG, "wings" Daesung, "Goodbye Romance", SunnyHill... and so much more... this year was full of great songs... really

  • Posted by Peuke · 161 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    One Ok Rock FTW!!!!!!♥

  • Posted by Chi1992 · 1,166 Jpops · 3 shares · 4 years ago  

    I was definitely most curious about OOR releases from among this list :D

  • Posted by CherryRose · 8,017 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    "Yes", "Monster", "Tonari ni Itakatta" and "Wishing for Happiness" I definitely agree with. I'd also like to give shout outs to Kimberly Chen's "Ai Ni", Jolin Tsai's "The Great Artist" and Ayumi Hamasaki's "Song 4 U" and "Wake Me Up"; those songs rocked!

  • Posted by Anjela · 24 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Not bad)
    But.... I don't see the GazettE =((

    Oh.... ABC - Yes.... I Love this song :)

  • Posted by Rindowx · 254 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    ONE OK ROCK!! <3 The Best

  • Posted by Qu4Lia · 29,643 Jpops · 39 shares · 4 years ago  

    OOR!!..., u r awesome.., >.< <3 <3 <3

  • Posted by Inspirit · 5,585 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    ABC!! and i'm glad Jasmine was there

  • Posted by DianaJade · 255 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    Blue of Big Bang

  • Posted by Lazuardiharuhi · -4,580 Jpops · 290 shares · 4 years ago  

    Yaaaay for OOR <3

  • Posted by Chiaki0978 · 13,319 Jpops · 50 shares · 4 years ago  

    ahhh ABC!!!!!!!!!! :D <3

  • Posted by kagachi · 76,906 Jpops · 307 shares · 4 years ago  


  • Posted by chibidino · 96 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    ONE OK ROCK!!! <333333333

  • Posted by KurisutaruRoburesu · 3,486 Jpops · 3 shares · 4 years ago  

    GO ONE OK ROCK! <3

  • Posted by farisfarisya · 232 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    yeeeeeeiiiii... it will be a BIGGEST moment!

  • Posted by RaichuLove · 609 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    ...TVXQ's I Swear and Catch Me were by far my favorites this year. Oh, SISTAR's Alone as well.

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