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Jolin Tsai's Bf Comments On Intimate Dance

posted by xaosmx on 3 June, 2011 at 09:59 am   ·   8 comments
Jolin Tsai's Bf Comments On Intimate Dance

Vivian Dawson, most notably known as Jolin Tsai's boyfriend has opened up about the recent intimate performance with her former flame, Jay Chou. Fans and netizens alike are all supporting the idea of Jay and Jolin reconciling but what are Vivian's thoughts on this?

Paparazzis swarmed around him as he was lying on a bench in public. When prompted with the question about the intimate performance between Jolin and Jay. He simply replied, "I saw it and thought it was really good." So is he jealous? He laughed it off and said he's not jealous at all. According to Vivian, Jolin hasn't even met his parents (from NZ) yet and they have no idea who she is either because they are not into Taiwan's showbiz. However, he has met her parents before and hoped that they have a liking towards him.

Do you think Jolin Tsai and him are incompatible?

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  • Posted by shinian · 165 Jpops · 1 shares · 5 years ago  

    haha....he jus bloody jealous....vivian....tht name sounds kinda gay....he jus jealous of jay and jolin's friendship...lil ass..hahaha

  • Posted by squishysama1 · 9,550 Jpops · 30 shares · 5 years ago  

    pffft. he's so jealous.

  • Posted by Aysohmay VIP CREW · 289,347 Jpops · 354 shares · 5 years ago  

    Let the man enjoy his beach time in peace -_-

    The C-King
  • Posted by DimpleBeanie · 1,586 Jpops · 29 shares · 5 years ago  

    They should be given the chance to choose who they want properly and clearly, not with so much media pressure pressing on them.

    Go with the flow, go with your heart.

  • Posted by ahiruko · 476 Jpops · 153 shares · 5 years ago  

    jolin + jay is just good friends ... XD Vivian girl's name much? XD

  • Posted by BKW · 462 Jpops · 2 shares · 5 years ago  

    :) thats all haha
    Jolin and Jay are a no no... great for awesome buddies in my opinion XD

  • Posted by summer11 · 701 Jpops · 5 years ago  


  • Posted by XFrozenFlowerX · 4,021 Jpops · 375 shares · 5 years ago  

    he looks good :) i hope she has a good future with him :)

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