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ICONIQ Admits To Getting In Bed With GACKT

posted by Aysohmay on 10 July, 2012 at 06:03 pm   ·   65 comments
ICONIQ Admits To Getting In Bed With GACKT

During a press conference for "Salon Model Award Japan 2012", ICONIQ admitted to getting in bed with rock star GACKT.

Rumors began circulating at the end of June that GACKT and ICONIQ were dating. While the two have not officially announced their relationship, they have both hinted at it.

On June 28th during a press conference for his play "MOON SAGA ~Yoshitsune Hiden~", GACKT was asked about his relationship with ICONIQ. He responded, "I'll ask her in bed next time."

On July 10th, reporters referenced that interview, asking ICONIQ if he had asked her about it in bed. She told the reporters that he had.

"I'll leave it up to your imagination, but I like him very much," she confessed.

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  • Posted by ApaM999 · 98 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Ummm... I don't want to put a damper on anything but.... Gackt said himself he is not dating anyone... quite publicly, directly and bluntly towards the media and sensationalization of this topic, on his personal blog. He also said a few things... that make this much clearer. It seems more logical, that this to be a publicity stunt for ICONIQ's career to give it a boost. Not to mention it would also diverge the attention of very unpleasant slander Gackt has received from the media as well. It is not uncommon. There are thousands of these rumours regarding other celebrities and for publicity sake, they are advised to remain quiet or neutral of course, for business sake... I did get a bit excited for him because well... I do believe he wants to be with some one... but he also has a very unique way of living and seeing relationships as well as a very ardorous shedule...he clearly stated that some times he feels lonely, and sad but keeps smiling no matter what. He does date and even goes to host clubs of course, but that if he was trully with some one he would feel comforted but that unfortunately he isn't with anyone. He made this quite clear in his personal blog, which is an actual official blog compared to a tabloid... Hope that some time he finds time and the circumstances to allow himself that opportunity, but umm he said it himself he isn't with anyone.

  • Reply by ApaM999  

    ohhh and they are from the same label... it only makes sense as a last attempt at saving her career....

  • Posted by Daiskesoracloud · 208 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Hehehe! Mull over that paparats!!! Go Gackt!!!! <3

  • Reply by ApaM999  

    ohhh and they are from the same label... it only makes sense as a last attempt at saving her career....

  • Posted by beatus · 638 Jpops · 77 shares · 4 years ago  

    What a dodgy title for this story. But I guess that's what draws us in.

    Haha nice response. Sooo Gackt.

  • Posted by Adry · 205 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    Kawaii ~ I wish them for the best!

  • Posted by Mirkaa · 954 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    they are cute :3 haha Gackt's reply XD

  • Posted by r0lan · 266 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    /creyz/ -must move on-

  • Posted by harukachan13 · 583 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    wow I love this, she's a lucky girl LOL X)

  • Posted by InvaznX18 · 722 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    oh lawd Gackt would reply like that lol Ka-koii~

  • Posted by Yuumao · 69 Jpops · 3 shares · 4 years ago  

    as if we didnt see this coming lol good luck for them! :)

  • Posted by ShouTime25 · 35 Jpops · 136 shares · 4 years ago  

    Wow. Lucky woman here.

  • Posted by cameliangelica · 16,749 Jpops · 68 shares · 4 years ago  

    OMG!! i have a feeling.. ooh. i think they get better and better now.

  • Posted by Champloogirl · 4,050 Jpops · 2 shares · 4 years ago  

    awww. They are cute, but might as well come out with it!

  • Posted by squishysama1 · 9,550 Jpops · 30 shares · 4 years ago  

    they're both tricky but obviously they're in a relationship
    there's no question

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,396,075 Jpops · 82 shares · 4 years ago  

    Wow, hope it all works out for them :)

    Two words: The shortest sentence you could possibly make
  • Posted by 1crazy4drama VIP · 10,156 Jpops · 173 shares · 4 years ago  

    I wIsh them all the best if they are dating .... Enjoy!!

    Music has one sound ~universal 😃
  • Posted by Colette614 · 429 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    This seems pretty confirmed to me~

  • Posted by honeysnowflakes · 143 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    The headline is different from what she said. She said, "I'll leave it to your imagination." She didn't really admit anything. ._.

  • Posted by Miyavi240 · 3,391 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I don't really think that it is any of our business.


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