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Hebe Continues Award Show Dominance

posted by Aysohmay on 12 April, 2011 at 10:20 pm   ·   1 comment
Hebe Continues Award Show Dominance

The 11th annual Billboard Music Awards in China were held yesterday. Bibi Zhou, Hebe and Li Kin were the big winners of the night.

China's 11th annual Billboard Music Awards were held yesterday. The stars came out to find out who would win the various awards. The categories are split into 2 different regions: Mainland China has separate awards from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The big winner of the night was Hebe of the popular girl group S.H.E. Hebe swept the awards, winning 3 awards including Best Female Singer. Hebe's debut solo work has been universally acclaimed, winning her many awards at different awards show. Other notable winners included Bibi Zhou, who became the youngest artist to win the Best Female Singer.

A list of the night's winners can be seen below:

Mainland China
Best Female Singer - Bibi Zhou
Best Male Artist - Li Kin
Best Album - Li Kin's "Yin Yue Ao Gu"
Best New Artist - M.I.C.
Best Singer-Songwriter - Chen Chu Sheng
Best Song - Sitar Tan's "Singing Stone"
Best EP - Chen Chu Sheng's "Green Surging"

Taiwan & Hong Kong
Best Female Singer - Hebe
Best Male Artist - Eason Chan
Best Album - Hebe's "To Hebe"
Best New Artist - Hebe
Best Singer-Songwriter - Crowd Lu
Best Song - Yoga Lin's "Lying"
Best EP - Crowd Lu's "Si Guo Bing"

Most Popular (All Regions)
Favorite Male Artist - Han Geng
Favorite Female Artist - Chris Lee
Biggest Leap - Laure

translation: Aysohmay @ JpopAsia
source: Sina
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  • Posted by mika1993 · 3,117 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Hebe rulez!<3

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