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Acid Black Cherry Announces New Single "kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~"

posted by Keia on 19 September, 2013 at 07:16 am   ·   8 comments
Acid Black Cherry Announces New Single "kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~"

Acid Black Cherry will release a brand new single this November!

The title is "kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~" and the release date is finalized for November 20th. If you want to buy it there are three different versions for you: The CD and DVD edition costs 1680 Yen and features the PV and Making for the lead track and the CD edition costs 1050 Yen and is CD-only. And then there's a special price edition that costs only 394 Yen but includes only one song.
The second song included in the CD&DVD and CD edition is titled "seishun no regret" and is a cover of a song released in 1985 by Matsutouya Yumi.

CD&DVD edition:
01.kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~
02.seishun no regret (Recreation Track)
kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ PV
kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ PV off-shot (~15min)

CD edition:
01.kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~
02.seishun no regret (Recreation Track)

special price edition:
01.kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~

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  • Posted by disneylandpirate · 2,699 Jpops · 18 shares · 3 years ago  

    Oh cool Bet it'll be awesome :D

  • Posted by heartdreamer · 1,848 Jpops · 4 shares · 3 years ago  

    I can't wait! November is just sooooo long from now!!! <3

  • Posted by aevil50 · 1,001 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    this so cute
    I can not wait @.@

  • Posted by Roppongi · 62,724 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    I like ABC. Hope to hear it soon!

  • Posted by xakure · 434 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    >w< Can't wait, november to come!

  • Posted by yamaMoe · 259 Jpops · 9 shares · 3 years ago  

    yes. absolutely can't wait

  • Posted by Lizen · 602 Jpops · 1 shares · 3 years ago  

    New ABC single yayy
    (i barely recognised yasu on the right o.o)

  • Posted by Nana8 · 118 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    I want!! so many good singles are going to be released *^^*

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