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A Tearful Ueto Aya Helps Cook For Earthquake Victims

posted by aimerodi on 16 April, 2011 at 11:04 am   ·   25 comments
A Tearful Ueto Aya Helps Cook For Earthquake Victims

Stood in front of a cooking plate and wearing an apron, a make-up less Ueto Aya helps to make fried noodles for a growing queue. A shout of "Ayachan!" is heard, and a small girl holds her arms out; Aya picks the girl up and holds her.

The child is 3-year-old Shuri. Whilst Shuri's older sister was travelling home from kindergarten, the earthquake struck; her bus was knocked sideways, and in the fire that ensued, she sadly lost her life. After hearing their story, Ueto Aya embraced little Shuri tightly and said "Stay strong, okay?". Tears suddenly begin to roll down the actress' cheeks.

She is guided by actor Watari Tetsuya, who played her father in 2009 drama "Kekkon" ("Marriage"). He is the president of Ishihara Promotions, who are running the food project. Ueto Aya, who has experience of this sort of emergency help from the Osaka-Kobe Earthquake 16 years ago, appealed "Please, lend me a hand with giving out emergency food".

"I saw so many people smiling today. It's all thanks to Aya-chan", said Watari . It is clear to see that Ueto Aya has touched the hearts of many earthquake victims in Ishinomaki.
translated by aimerodi
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  • Posted by woodychan · 24,388 Jpops · 5 shares · 5 years ago  


  • Posted by Yuffinara · 2,566 Jpops · 10 shares · 5 years ago  

    awwwhhh so touching.

  • Posted by kuroban · 141 Jpops · 11 shares · 5 years ago  

    that's very touching aya-chan!! God Bless you all..

  • Posted by ckyia · 457 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    so sweet...
    kawai aya-chan...

  • Posted by himitsu05 · 2,254 Jpops · 417 shares · 5 years ago  

    Owww, so sweet. Makes me cry >w<
    She is really great :)

  • Posted by JuYa · 3,675 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    a heroine she is!

  • Posted by ande · 4,644 Jpops · 8 shares · 5 years ago  

    ah~ sweet.

  • Posted by rusuke · 124 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Aya is so sweet and sympathetic. This makes me admire her more.

  • Posted by marga · 6,108 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    so touching :( makes me cry too :) gambatte ne~

  • Posted by Natsukii · 4,162 Jpops · 25 shares · 5 years ago  

    Aww how sad, and sweet of her. My eyes teared up, i was so close to crying.

  • Posted by krinhahd · 1,961 Jpops · 13 shares · 5 years ago  

    The little girl's story is so sad... :(
    And what Ueto Aya did was so sweet...

  • Posted by WingedSphinx01 · 12,754 Jpops · 4 shares · 5 years ago  

    Aya is awesome. She has such a carring sprit. I teared up about the little girl who died in the school bus. Terrible!

  • Posted by DewSHasReturned · 2,657 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Wow, so awesome of her to just help other people. Other celebs maybe donate money, but she helps by connecting with the people.

  • Posted by Traditionally VIP · 27,515 Jpops · 13 shares · 5 years ago  

    Very touching ^^ She should also sing "Smile For..." for them which is an ending theme for Katekyo Hitman Reborn since she is the artist for the song. I think it suits this situation very well!

  • Posted by ChrisTaran · 128 Jpops · 7 shares · 5 years ago  

    How sweet!

  • Posted by Moreno · 22 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    She's just so awesome, I knew she was such a caring person!

  • Posted by miakandreza · 6,945 Jpops · 2 shares · 5 years ago  

    Omg, I was almost crying, too.
    Thank you, Aya-san.

  • Posted by ahiruko · 476 Jpops · 153 shares · 5 years ago  

    awwww T.T

  • Posted by squishysama1 · 9,550 Jpops · 30 shares · 5 years ago  

    she's such a sweet person.
    and the little girl has the same name as the vo. of Deluhi.

  • Posted by animeviolinist001 · 933 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    That's so sweet of her. :]
    It's nice to see that everyone is seriously trying to help out.

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