Ye Qu Lyrics
BY  Jay Chou


失去你 爱恨开始分明
失去你 还有什么事好关心
我终于被提醒 广场上喂食的是秃鹰

啊 乌云开始遮蔽 夜色不干净
公园里葬礼的回音 在漫天飞行
送你的白色玫瑰 在纯黑的环境凋零
静静听 我黑色的大衣 想温暖你
日渐冰冷的回忆 走过的走过的生命



那些断翅的蜻蜓 散落在这森林
而我的眼睛 没有丝毫同情
失去你 泪水混浊不清
失去你 我连笑容都有阴影
描绘后悔莫及的那爱情[edit]Last edit by Rendy on Monday 04 May, 2009 at 16:26 +100%[/edit]

yi qun shi xue de ma yi bei fu rou suo xi yin
wo mian wu biao qing kan gu du de feng jing
shi qu ni / ai hen kai shi fen ming
shi qu ni / hai you shen me shi hao guan xin
dang ge zi bu zai xiang zheng he ping
wo zhong yu bei ti xing / guang chang shang wei shi de shi tu ying
wo yong piao liang de ya yun xing rong bei lue duo yi kong de ai qing

ah / wu yun kai shi zhe bi / ye se bu gan jing
gong yuan li zang li de hui yin / zai man tian fei xing
song ni de bai se mei gui / zai chun hei de huan jing diao ling
wu ya zai shu zi shang gui yi de hen an jing
jing jing ting / wo hei se de da yi / xiang wen nuan ni
ri jian bing leng de hui yi / zou guo de zou guo de sheng ming
ah ~si zhou mi man wu qi
ah ~wo zai kong kuang de mu di
lao qu hou hai ai ni

wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
gen ye feng yi yang de sheng yin
xin sui de hen hao ting
shou zai jian pan qiao hen qing
wo gei de si nian hen xiao xin
ni mai zang de di fang jiao you ming

wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
er wo wei ni yin xing mai ming
zai yue guang xia tan qin
dui ni xin tiao de gan ying
hai shi ru ci wen nuan qing xi
huai nian ni na xian hong de chun yin

na xie duan chi de qing ting / san luo zai zhe sen lin
er wo de yan jing / mei you si hao tong qing
shi qu ni / lei shui hun zhuo bu qing
shi qu ni / wo lian xiao rong dou you yin ying
feng zai zhang man qing tai de wu ding
chao xiao wo de shang xin
xiang yi ko mei you shui de ku jing
wo yong qi mei de zi xing
miao hui hou hui mo ji de na ai qing

A crowd of bloodthirsty ants are drawn by rotting flesh
I watch the lonely scenery with an expressionless face
Having lost you, love and hate becomes clear
Having lost you, is there anything left to care about
When the doves no longer represent peace
I've finally been reminded, that those feeding in the plaza are, in fact, vultures,
I use beautiful rhymes to describe a love that has been plundered empty
Ah, black clouds begin to obstruct [the sky], the color of the night is unclean
Echoes of that funeral in the park, are flying all through the sky
The white rose that [ I ] gave to you has withered in this environment of pure darkness
On branches, the silence of the crows creates a surreal atmosphere
Listening quietly, my black overcoat yearns to provide you warmth
A memory that grows colder with each passing day, a life that's gone,
Ah, fog fills the air all around
Ah, I am in an open cemetery
[ I will ] still love you after I've aged

For you [ I ] play Chopin's Nocturne
To commemorate this deceased love of mine
Just like a wind in the night
So heartbreakingly beautiful
[ I ] gently stroke the keys
The longing that I gave was very tentative
You are buried in a place called the afterlife

For you [ I ] play Chopin's Nocturne
To commemorate this desceased love of mine
And for you I've become anonymous
Playing the piano under the moonlight
The feeling of your heartbeat
Is still so warm and clear
I remember the scarlet imprint of you lips

Those dragonflies who have lost their wings, are scattered in this forest
And yet my eyes do not show a shred of sympathy
Having lost you, my tears are murky and blurred
Having lost you, even my smile holds shadows
The wind on the moss-covered rooftop
Ridicules my sadness
Like a waterless well
I use an exquisite font-type
To depict that love which not even regret will bring back[edit]Last edit by Rendy on Monday 04 May, 2009 at 16:30 +100%[/edit]

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