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Lyrics RUIDO - YUI

  • Romaji

    kakuya de hajimete atta toki
    kanojo wa GITA- wo hiite ita
    Title wa omoidasenai kedo
    suki na kyoku datta

    Who is she?
    ki ni natta mama
    kyakuseki ni modotta
    Who is she?
    SUTE-JI de mita
    kanojo wa suteki de toriko ni natte shimatta

    RAIBU owari ni
    KO-RA nomihoshite
    atashi mo ganbaru tte
    sou kimeta

    I love RUIDO


    This romaji was done by Cori[edit]Last edit by Chouchou on Wednesday 28 Jul, 2010 at 19:47 +23.7%[/edit]
  • Kanji


    Who is she?
    Who is she?


    I love RUIDO
    [edit]Last edit by Anisamar on Friday 04 Jul, 2008 at 21:21 +9%[/edit]
  • Translation

    When we first met backstage
    She was playing a guitar
    I don’t remember the title
    But it was my favourite song

    Who is she?
    It weighs on my mind
    As I go back to my seat
    Who is she?
    I see her onstage
    And she’s so wonderful that she captivates me

    When the live show was over
    I drank up my Coke
    And made up my mind
    To give it my all too

    I love ruido


    This translation was done by Kiwi Musume[edit]Last edit by Chouchou on Wednesday 28 Jul, 2010 at 19:47 +24%[/edit]

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