Feng Zheng Yu Feng Lyrics
BY  Twins


沒有燈 背影怎可上路
如沒雲 天空都不覺高
我與他 若似天生一對多麼好
單手怎可以抱 我怕在平地跌倒

*誰伴我 冒險跳下愛河
 誰都要一對 即使手挽手出了錯

#當風箏遇上風 即使快樂的痛
 能能乘著狂風 天空中愛得英勇
 有了他就算哭 仍然流露著笑容
 當風箏沒有風 一顆心也都很重
 誰能來做微風 不必管我的輕重
 冥冥中遇上他 擦過愛的天空

有痛苦 都只因擁有吧
會枯萎 都只因收過花
有個他 未算天生一對都不差
逼真的相愛過 那眼淚還未算假


如何地痛 仍然學會英勇
哭過 更寬容 他願意抱擁
不用計較輕重 有誰 這樣勇


不管 吹得多痛 狂風裡 也活得英勇
若能遇上所愛 我會不分輕重
不怕 沿路跌碰
誰怕痛 有他支撐跌不痛
有風箏 便有風

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mut yau dang bui ying jam hak seung lou
yu mut wan tin hung dou bat gaau gou
ngo yu ta yeuk chi tin saang yat deui do mo hou
daan sau jam hak yi pou ngo pa joi ping dei dit dou

*seui bun ngo mak him tiu ha ngoi ho
seui dou yiu yat deui jik sai sau wan sau cheut liu cho
seung do ji do choi jam wui yat go
yau na hak yat go*

#dong fung jaang yu seung fung jik sai faai lok dik tung
nang nang sing jeuk kwong fung tin hung jing ngoi dak ying yung
yau liu ta jau syun huk ying yin lau lau jeuk siu yung
dong fung jaang mut yau fung yat fo sam ya dou han chung
seui nang loi jou mei fung bat bit gun ngo dik hing chung
ming ming jung yu seung ta chaat gwo ngoi dik tin hung
hyun gik ya bat tung#

yau tung fu dou ji yan yung yau ba
wui fu wai dou ji yan sau gwo fa
yau go ta mei syun tin saang yat deui dou bat cha
bik jan dik seung ngoi gwo na ngaan leui waan mei syun ga

Repeat * #

yu ho dei tung ying yin hok wui ying yung
huk gwo gang fun yung ta yun yi pou yung
bat yung gai gaau hing chung yau seui je yeung yung

Repeat #

bat gun cheui dak do tung kwong fung leui ya wut dak ying yung
yeuk nang yu seung so ngoi ngo wui bat fan hing chung
bat pa yung lou dit pung
seui pa tung yau ta ji chaang dit bat tung
yau fung jaang bin yau fung
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How can the road without lights back
Did not feel as high clouds sky
If he and I like how well a pair of natural
How can hold with one hand I'm afraid of falling in the plains

*Who jumped in love with my adventure
Who should join hands and a pair of even wrong
How like a colorful
That one*

#Even a happy event of the wind when the kites pain
Able to ride the high winds heroic love the sky
With his smile, even if the crying is still revealing the
When the kite without wind are also very heavy heart
Who do not care about my weight breeze
Met him somewhere grazed the sky of love
It still did not hurt#

There is suffering all because it has
All the flowers I've received wither
He did not count there is not born of a poor
Realistic love that tears had not yet considered false

Repeat *#

Learn how to brave the pain is still
Cried, hugging his willingness to be more tolerant
Who do not care about the severity of this brave

Repeat #

No matter where the wind blew too much pain to live the heroic
I would love if met, regardless of the severity of
Not afraid to touch down along the road
Who is afraid of the pain or no pain with his support
There are wind kite

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