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There's no way not to procastinate with so many dramas to watch! >_<

ltsukino is a girl who signed up 6 years ago. She owns the humungus amount of 54,766 Jpops

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About me

(page under construction, and probably will always be...-.-)

My favorite artists and albums

When it comes to music there's one band that immediately comes to my mind:
, , for dream~
Riida, Show-kun, Neener, Aiba-chan and MatsuJun together they make the rainbow that colours my days! And I'm not talking about the colours of the metro line, altough that actually are the very same (everyday I ride the Neener line ) I love everything about them. single song, PV, album, drama, show, commercial

But it's not all about Arashi. Some more artists I like, in no particular order (the list is likely to change over time and increase as I make more icons. xD)

How do I spend my free time

Free time? That seems such a dreamy word! :RBfrown:
Recently I hardly ever have free time, sadly.
However, when I do have, I mostly surf on the net since everything I love is on the net, be it Jdrama or Jmusic. I also love to play Sims, from the 1st to the current one Sims is simply the best pc game ever! :RBohNo:
Sure I love to hang out with my friends but that I think is something that applies to everyone. Oh, and I love to read and even more to write my own stories. Ever since I was little I've dreamt about being a writer altough that seems a far far future. :RBundecided:

My favorite movies

POTC! Really, specially the first one. Oh Johnny Deep, oh Orlando Bloom! *drols*
A walk to remember Love the message, the story and the actors.
The Beauty and the Beast All time favourite. And Disney rocks! :RBohNo:
Hana Yori Dango Final Cause Domyouji and Tsukushi is pure Love! :)

My favorite series

Favourites of favourites:
Hana Kimi - my first Jdrama ever. There's no wonder Shun, Toma and Maki will always stay in my heart
Hana Yori Dango - the one who got me hooked to Arashi. Proud Jun-baited fan forever!


For a complete list of what I've watched, you can check my drama list. : )

TV shows: xD

Non asian series I love:

Things I like

Arashi, Arashi for dream~~
Japanese Food!
Anything Japan-related. (ok, almost everything)
Hot tea when my troath hurts or when it's freezing outside.
Travelling and sightseeing in different countries. And I will SO travel to Japan one day!
Peace and Love People!
Sleeping until as late as possible! Yey!

Things I dislike

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