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People don't fear God, fear itself is God

Knightwalker is a boy who signed up 2 years ago. He owns the pretty amazing amount of 3,252 Jpops and was last seen here about 11 months ago

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  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 9 months ago  

    Happy Birthday!
    For 2 years you are logged here on jpopasia! This must be celebrated!
    Because we both now know us well for 2 years!
    To our friendship!

    *pushes you to me*
    First we eat strawberry cake!
    And then I will give you something Gérard!

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 10 months ago  

    A Happy New Year from Germany!
    For my best friend from America!
    Thank you!
    Was a good year with you. Hope that we will now write in the new more!

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 10 months ago  

    So you prefer Korean over Japanese now? o.O
    It took me a while to get used to it, since both have a lot of similar sounding words.

    That's good to know! We did an art fair for the victims who study at my school and it felt so good to help out :)

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 11 months ago  

    That's true, they are visually appealing. Hmm, you have a point there. I mean, if I compared all the Korean girl groups (I know and don't know) combined to this, I will most certainly pick the aforementioned video :)
    Oh! That's nice! It's good that you got an opportunity to see them live. I envy you haha :)
    Japanese indie band "toe" came here early this year and I was so frustrated I didn't see them live :( I hope they will come here next year lol.

    Yeah, I think I'm okay. Fortunately, my place wasn't hit. Even though I was very, VERY far from the places where the typhoon had extreme rainfall, I still felt its surge. I can honestly say that of all the typhoons that I've heard and experienced, Haiyan is the most devastating.

  • Posted by HBpencil1 · 10,365 Jpops · 11 months ago  

    Yay! U added it? tht is gud!! Wat do u go by in fb?

  • Posted by HBpencil1 · 10,365 Jpops · 12 months ago  

    Hi Knightwaker!! Long time no hear!! How r u these days?? Well...this is my fb account! plz do add me!

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 12 months ago  

    Yeah, they're my schoolmates :)
    Well, we usually hold shadow play shows at that place as part of extra-curriculum work. And believe it or not that "head" is part of a children's museum xD (yes, that place is a part of my childhood!) After I saw that pic, I told myself, "This children's museum will probably be an SnK cosplay photoshoot site lol (with all the wannabe Erens and Armins) xD"

    Hmmm, maybe the list isn't that long (around 10 solo artists/bands or so...)
    Only the notable ones (think X Japan, Versailles, etc), not the one-shot VK bands that easily disband.
    And WHAAAT? You're into K-Pop? I, too, did not imagine myself getting into it though after I heard some Korean indie bands.

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Cool, you really should :)
    Well, you can't blame Pokemon for being an addictive game :)
    Ah, Shingeki no Kyoujin! Love that anime. My lowerclassmen are so into it I got curious.
    Haha. Can't blame them, I got hooked as well.

    :O Not yet, but thanks for reminding me though :)
    I've been way behind the V-Kei scene. One of the reasons why I put up that profile pic is to constantly remind myself that I have to clear up my VK DL list.
    It's pretty long if you only knew TT.TT

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Yes, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is really good! Watched it around 4th grade :)
    I can't remember most of it though, hehe. Only that epic opening song, Hit in America by Beat Crusaders (listen to it, the song is awesome!) and their cover songs from American rock bands.
    And trust me, you'll definitely love the anime. Tell me if you started watching it :D

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    The Movie ist.... WOW! *__*

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    A very good day of the Lord!
    How was your weekend? Do you have to meet the band? They should have been pretty good right? ^ ^ Hope you had fun <3
    And have many beautiful pictures made ​​xD

    Hey! Check out! I've just discovered! However, this was not the trailer ... But on youtube I found something! How cool! Hopefully the film comes in the U.S. & Germany after! <3
    Your text to link here...
    And here is the trailer! For me it works.... But you will certainly find one that works ^^

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    I'm going to take up multimedia arts most definitely :)
    Thanks :) I like those kinds of topics very much.
    Yeah the eyes, it's something about children and ignorance which is what I think is the major theme of his works \m/

    Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of the anime "Beck: The Mongolian Chop Squad?" :D

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Nice to see you online ^ ^
    I hope we can write more days together. Have good news ~
    I'll tell you, but only when we write together and you have time xD
    Oh! I think I've ever read anything by the band on the internet... *google search* Glad the times you do not have to work ^ ^
    This will certainly be a great event.... Bring me with something! xD

    And hey....
    I'll keep an eye on my mage e.e

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    What? How cool!
    JNo, you did not! Definitely you need to take pictures!
    One Piece! Zorro & Nami! <3
    Fairy Tail! Natsu! Erza! Gajeel! Happy! <3
    Now I'm jealous xD Nice to see you free this weekend! Now you can relax yourself ^ ^ And many beautiful pictures shoot! But...

    Do not you dare look around for another Erza e.e'

  • Posted by HBpencil1 · 10,365 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Hi Knighwalker!!! I finally got on jpopasia after like ages!!! Sooo sorry about not going on for ages! >< So how r u?

    I think we should find out a way to talk more...somewhere skype or something? Cuz i am not going to be on jpopasia tht much anymore!

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    You're worried about me? <3
    I will write to you again! <3
    So this weekend, today and tomorrow I'm ready online.
    Would be happy if we were both online at the same time ^^

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    I see...
    Yeah, I'm at school, surviving senior year. With truckloads of paperwork but happy :)
    I'm rarely around here too. Been busy with research for some philosophies I'm working on and looking around for new sources of visual inspiration like Victor Castillo.
    He's interesting, his works are creepy but fascinating at the same time.

  • Posted by marquee615 · 9,118 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    It's been ages since we last talked...
    Just came by to say hi.

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Hey! If you write to me, I'm the same much better ~
    Is probably due to the magic....
    I hope you are one of the good guys again, Gerard! ò.o
    Otherwise, you will learn to know my armor! xD

    As I said... I want to see lots of pictures! ^ ^
    You come to me only healthy & kicking back home! ^ ^

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Hey Ho!
    I just see... That you were long gone online here.
    That will not, however. I just want to write with you xD
    About everything. Of course our favorite topic!
    Fairy Tail ^ ^
    How many volumes are with you mitlerweile there? Here with us tomorrow 28 volumes out there! And now do not tell me that you still reading the manga on the internet xP
    I need you necessarily even a picture of my bookshelf show <3

    Soak your holiday!
    Recover well you!
    Healthy and come back again!

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Check out! Look!

    Is not that cool? One Ok Rock comes to Germany! And then to Cologne (to german = Köln) in the Werkstatt (to englisch = Workshop, In this case, it's a kind of rehearsal xD) ! Since I was already out! Since I saw my first real concert ^///^ At that time it was Indica! And now it will be One Ok Rock!

    Now the only question is whether I'm at the time in school or at work... For either because I would enter or leave Blue Spend xD Do you know the expression? Blue Make? Truant from school?
    Now I definitely have a reason to look forward to in October! And hey! Then the second year of training more money starts, that is for me xD

    I've already told you how cool you are? xD
    And I just love you xD
    (If I'm exaggerating let me know, I am just so much xD)

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Hey! I have a question to you xD
    You hear but surely Spanish music or not? Since you can use the language... Could you sure one or the other text certainly translate xD

    I know that you also like to listen to metal, but how does it look with ska? I like the music. Anyway, the band Ska-P.

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    It's ok. I've been pretty busy too. Just got out of work and it was just crazy with mother's day coming up :confused: lol but that's good that you were studying !! I bet you did great on your exams :)
    And yea haha I guess I don't need financial aid but if I did have it I wouldn't have to pay for books XD lol btw are you doing the 2+2 program ? That's what I'm planning on doing.

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Yes! You did it! Did you have strong stage fright? O.O
    Wait, you've played in front of so many people? WOW! *__*
    So I would have died for sure xD
    May I be impressed? I'm impressed ^ ^
    But I did not expect anything else from you <3
    You make me proud <3

    You know what? I think if I come to you only a week to visit, it is scarce. We will look at different bands, go swimming, go out to eat... We never create in a week! xD The best way to get a half year to you xD It should indeed be worth ^ ^

    But this is a beautiful picture of what you sent me there ^ ^
    It looks so similar with us on the North Sea and from ^ ^
    Only determined windy xD

    You? I have a new phone! T^T
    A Samsung Galaxy S3! And even though two days later, the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out with us xD But it was almost like a gift... Well xD
    Let me know if you have a bit more time once again! I am to Sunday at noon layer, next week I'm on vacation! And thus more time for you <3

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    You want a metal band? You will always sympathetic to me xD
    Where Nirvana but is still pretty cool. So Kurt Cobain could already sing well. But Metal is of course a lot cooler! Say... Do you hear auchMetalica and Slipknot? There are so many well known bands xD So much mainstream... But hey! They are really good ^ ^

    Will you sing me something now? Resp. You can glow your guitar for me? I now want to see videos xD Now you've made ​​me curious <3
    You're a real charmer ^///^
    I like you too <3

    What? You could a few years ago not swim and are now out of it and away! O.O If so cool ^ ^ How did you get that learned and learned to love so fast especially? Have you been swimming badge made​​? Is there such a thing with you? I have made ​​some... But in any state or swimming pool, there are different, but most have the same meaning xD (The only all want to earn money xDD) But if that is so... Let's go swimming together ^ ^ I invite you in my pond ^ ^ You have to be careful just in front of the koi that nibble times ~

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Haha that's funny XD And yea it's true. Alot of people have told me that that's the best option. College is just plain expensive !! Haha
    And I would be sooooo mad if a profesor told me that. Haha Oh no... But that's just funny.
    My mom is actually a secretary for the counciling & advising department. I get free tuition but the bad thing is that I don't qualify for financial aid b/c of my parents. Lol
    And are you a freshman in college now?

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Oh ! And I'm planning on going to a community college to get all the courses I have to take to get into my major out of the way then transfer. Not to mention I get free tuition because my mom works there. Yay !! Lol I bet books are still expensive though from what I've heard :(

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Lol so true. I'd feel bad for them
    Atleast your town sounds better than mines. I mean... even the name of my town sounds boring ! haha :) That's cool you live next to D.C. ... not to say you're town isn't important. You live in it so ofcourse its awesome but I've never been there. Does your town get a lot of traffic during like election days?

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Yo hablo mejor en inglès tambien haha Btw you totally made me laugh with that comment about the spanish laugh → jaja
    Its so true jaja but I usually use haha :)
    And yea. I sometimes can't understand my dominican friend b/c she speaks sooo fast in spanish XD. That's a dominican trait haha I have to stop her & tell her to speak slowly.
    And I doubt my city will get recognized. It's pretty boring most of the time lol Well... it has it's perks sometimes though ;)

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Si yo hablo español ;) haha I have a dominican friend who always says that she can tell I'm from P.R. by my spanish accent. haha XD But its cool how latin american accents work.
    And no I wish I was in NYC but I actually live in a city called Rochester. Ok town... wish I could move tho :( they're actually filming part of the new Spiderman movie coming out next year here :) Which brought some excitment to the town. I was late this morning to skool b/c of blocked streets. :confused: Haha

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    Haha I know! And I took japanese class last year in high school. I'm planning on taking another japanese class when I go to college in the fall this year. :)
    And that's cool ! ☆ I live in the U.S. too (NY) but my family is from Puerto Rico ;) I was raised here so I dont know a lot about my country either. Do you ever visit your family in El Salvador? I haven't visited my family in P.R. since 2009 :(

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    What? You have made ​​an appearance although you should work on the same day? x.x
    Then you will certainly be very exhausted after that.... But I'll keep our fingers crossed in any case that you can excite the crowd! Among among us ... I certainly would stand out in the crowd and call your name xD Like so just a fangirl xD Would be embarrassing... But I know you, yes xD
    You're crazy... Nevertheless, I hope you like it as much as the people hear your music ^ ^

    Then you were indeed a rock star! *__*
    Well we both spouses are already xD
    Otherwise I would be jealous of your female fans xD
    Oh, I am just for you ^ ^

    In the summer? Yes, that would be a really good goal. You love to swim or? Well... I was long gone swimming in the pond *cough* except for us Where we have many lakes in the area here... We should really sometime meet in real life ^ ^ Would certainly quite entertaining xD

  • Posted by ANGELREY · 975 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    :) Thanks for the welcome and yeah I'm great, thanks! :D

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    I've watched the Ano natsu de Matteru anime. So many love triangles ! Haha XD but yea. I've never really tried reading manga in japanese. I should try it one day tho. :) but I've taken an elementary japanese class so I can only read hiragana & katakana. I still need to learn kanji. :( I learn that in the next class that follows that 1 ☆ So where are you from?

  • Posted by ANGELREY · 975 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey, I came across your page and I wanted to say hi. How are you doing? :)

  • Posted by Pandapple77 · 11,566 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey no problem :) And thanks... I think its cool that dudes watch those types of animes ! They're pretty awesome ;) I also like watching action animes too though haha ☆ So what are some romance animes ya like?

  • Posted by shadow22cat · 10,570 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hi! You're welcome. :D It was an interesting thread. Yeah, how I came to like anime was kind of complicated. In high school, all I thought about was band stuff. (I was in concert band, pep band, marching band, pit orchestra, etc.) Ate up most of my time, so I didn't think much about anime. I remember in elementary school that Sailor Moon was extremely popular, but I hated stuff like that back then.

    I've actually known a couple of 70-somethings who love anime. It really can appeal to all ages. Plus, there's such a variety. Can't really say it's made for one age group or another. Sounds like you got into it around the time I did, though. I think college really opened my eyes to a lot of things. :)

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    How long have you been traveling? That shows me that you have a strong will!
    Another plus point for you xD I am proud of my husband ^///^
    If you sing me something... I give you some of mine!
    You can then choose what you ^ ^
    Yes? Or should I surprise you? xD
    And hey! Someone who exercise so much... Which can only be good ^ ^

    Sunday? Yes, now it's 10:55 clock.
    After I meet up with a friend still, but only briefly.
    I need to learn for many exams.... There is quite a lot.
    Starting with "aging as a process", "right light conditions", "employment and education" and "measures of general care."
    And in every field of learning at least 20 pages....

    What about with you?
    Did you see "today" something before? On a Sunday? Except maybe a band practice? xD

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    You have already appearances? O.O
    I am amazed! In school and in Restaurante? WOW!
    I'm really impressed ^^
    But nothing else from you / you expect xD
    And I bet you can fully sing well xP
    You're just shy xD
    If I were to ask you why you'd sing me something small?
    Be nice to me ~

    Nice that you wrote to me <3
    However, it had only just been noticed x.x
    Let me know if you have a bit more time once again!
    I would love to do more writing with you.

  • Posted by lovevisualkei VIP · 88 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    mmm not so much yet.. and its 3 hours :p ive actually never been to the east coast before :o and ive been 3 hours west before to hawaii.. but not 3 hours east...

  • Posted by lovevisualkei VIP · 88 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    hehe im already gone now.. i had a plane transfer there :p now im in pittsburgh, PA :p

  • Posted by lovevisualkei VIP · 88 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Heyy guess where i am now! In Washington DC!! Lol

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey "Knightwalker"!
    As I've been waiting for your answer! xD
    I always look forward to a reply from you ^ ^
    No matter when she comes! I am a very patient man!
    I am sorry that you currently have so much going on. I was made it any other way. The school is strict. Just yesterday we got some trouble because of poor grades. Because it will surely give you a few warnings, which will have a negative impact on the education....
    But enough about me!
    Because... I'm curious to hear what you make it that way.
    How it works with the band? Have you already played before an audience? I would like to hear a song.
    With you as the guitarist and singer <3

    I will continue to press the thumb that everything works! Promised ^ ^

    And yes ~
    When it comes to women's soccer... Especially around the games "Germany vs. U.S." & "Germany vs. Japan" In between I also look so xD

    Pollen allergy? No, something I did not.
    I'm actually a fiddle, almost perfect xD
    With you, but it sounds kinda cute on.
    I would always give you handkerchiefs for your runny nose! <3
    (And before you ask.... I love to flirt with you xD)

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Happy Birthday!
    My best friend from America!
    I wish you luck! Health! And me xD

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Madness! A big game!
    I sweated blood and water!
    In the first half, it was 0:0 yet!
    And then came in the second half, Abby Wambach!
    In the 47th Minutes was thus the first goal.

    It was a real slugfest with many chances for both teams!
    A goal for the United States has not been counted, then later Germany had another penalty. I was torn!
    At the beginning of the game I still thought that Germany would win 4:3 against the United States... But then everything xDD very different
    As I said, I came into a sweat xD

    The two teams split up with a 3:3!
    After several games, after years.... Again a draw! xD
    Waiting.... I google it again, xD not that I'm writing incorrect data

    "Over the past 31 duels it sat for the seven-time European champions, six draws and five wins equal to 20 defeats., The last with 0:2 in the final of the Algarve Cup is only a few weeks back."

    Your text to link here...

    Now, however, you must include an additional game and a draw to it xD Hach! I found the game pretty ^ ^
    I just wanted to tell you xDD
    I'm happy just xD

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey! O.O'
    How come you're not online?
    You just missed one of the best football games!
    USA against Germany! T^T
    The women pay nothing today!
    Hard duels! Quick passes!
    The first half has already passed...
    USA 0:0 Germany

    But it is definitely worth! *__*

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey! Nice that you have written to me ^ ^
    And I see... Have we just missed.
    Next time it will work for sure! xD
    Anyway, I hope it...

    I think it's good that you have found a job and also that you are now doing music... But then I see you still less x.x 'I have to think about anything yet... Whether I'll allow the xP Finally I am your wife xD
    As I said, I think it's right, as long as you are paying attention to your health and your are satisfied. If it's not fun and makes you sick because of will, there's no point. I'm always worried about you xP
    (Have you actually seen it? You stand in my profile xD)

    On 5 May then? Good! Then I press you fingers crossed! ^ ^

    And the Fairy Tail concerns... It can be either way to see... But it also shows that there is interest from the fans... Otherwise they would not complain or ask for as many of the manga will go xD

    I wish you a nice day! And take care of yourself ^^

  • Posted by YamashitaMaki · 4,457 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hello there. Thanks for the understanding. HOW ARE YOU ,by the way?

    Naaah, i'm not THAT looking forward for my summer break because I don't have one. I have my summer classes. Ughhh. Imagine the horror. But, I'm always on the bright side so I think I'm gonna give my summer classes a chance. Wouldn't want to end it with JUST sulking and everything. Right? I mean, it's not the end of the world, it'll pass, just like it always did ever since I entered college.

    Yeah, we know ourselves more, but not all the time. Remember, people see different than what we see ourselves sometimes. Hmm, it's life and complications.

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey Ho!
    I just wanted to let you an Easter greeting back!
    But somehow I forgot yesterday xD
    So I wish you a Happy Easter yet!

    *gives you a chocolate bunny*

  • Posted by XxRachelxX · 2,432 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    Hey! It's official...
    Even Hiro Mashima has already tweeted... But why? x__x
    I quite do not understand it. Since one can only hope that the anime soon resumed. But the title change... I do not even ó.o

    Your text to link here...

    Natsu! Happy! Erza! Gérard! Gajeel! Levi!
    I miss you already! x__x

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