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The's like my childhood all over again. In 2012.

kiHAKU is a boy who signed up 6 years ago. He is member of the Rich Jpops Club with 147,120 Jpops and was last seen here about 4 years ago

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About me

I highly doubt anyone would ever read this, but...
I am a rock-corrupted bipolar (occasionally monopolar) zealot.
I speak English (no, really?), Chinese, Japanese, and French. Going to learn Spanish...learning German, going to pick up Russian for the heck of it and die a multi-lingual sob.
I'm the odd one out in my family except for my younger older brother. Something happened somewhere, somewhere something happened, and I can't even remember what I was going to say.
I love music, in case you don't notice yet and I have the stupidest problem with hearing music in noise and not seeing the big picture.
My favorite types of music are rock/heavy metal, industrial, soundtracks, and neo-classical (like Apocalyptica or the Piano Guys).

I'm gonna be a bit more positive.
I've read a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People written by Dale Carnegie and it's helped me a lot. But there's a sacrifice that comes with it...
I have a brain...
I play piano, percussion, and the good old guitar.

Thank you for reading. I like you already.

If there's anything you need help with, feel free to ask me. I'm generally online because I have nothing better to do with my life. =_=|||

My favorite artists and albums

Being a rock-corrupt and Japan zealot, it's obvious that most my favorite musicians would be Asian. That's true. :frown:
Please note these aren't in any order whatsoever except for alphabetical.

・abingdon boys school
Briefs & Trunks
・凛-end of corruption world-
・Luna Sea
・NIGHTMARE -ナイトメア-
・Pay money To my Pain
・Plastic Tree
the GazettE
・X Japan

・Ann Lewis
・北出 奈菜
・水樹 奈々
・中島 美嘉
・分島 花音
・山岡 晃

Thank you for reading. :kiss:

How do I spend my free time

On spare time...I have a bit too much of this due to procrastination...I hope my teachers don't find this page. O_O
I would listen to music as I work on projects that I slow down by doing stuff like this...or maybe listen to RAW anime...
I spend most of my time on the internet or computer...then my gaming systems...then my instruments.
On top of work, I love music enough to compose...and info of that is a secret (not that people would really care to read anyways). I never watch the TV, but my mom occasionally comes into my room and turns on the TV and plug in a movie she'd watch, then walk away halfway through it, leaving me in the room with a movie I don't even like cranked up in full volume...okay, I rambled.
I like reading books worth reading.
Radios are a big part of my life (since I don't use TV...I don't even see the correlation but w/e).
But you get the idea. I'm a very boring person. In a nutshell (as of Dale Carnegie): I am an antisocial rock-corrupted procrastinating workaholic (or as "Ms. Barnett" calls me a "workhorse") of the things I like and/or want to work for.

Thanks for reading. :frown:

My favorite movies

Let's make this brief. Not because I don't want to talk to you, but because I know nobody wants to read essays. At least...I don't. :undecided:

I don't even know how to organize this anymore.
I'm just going to randomly alphabetically throw this at you.
Don't worry.
It won't hurt.
I don't think.

・21 Jump Street
・Beatles' Yellow Submarine
・Black Swan
・Get Smart
・Ground Hog Day
・Nine (not the one with the sexy ladies, the one by Tim Burton)
・The In-Laws
・Scott Pilgrim
・Sucker Punch
・The Grey
・The Thing
・The Wall (film)

・Death Note

Thank you for reading. :)

My favorite series

They don't even have to be series.
Note these aren't in any non-alphabetical order.

TV Shows:
・Hana Kimi (Taiwan)《花样少男少女》
・KO 3an Guo
・My Own Swordsman《武林外传》
・Tian Xia Wu Di《天下无敌》

・Aoi Bungaku「青い文学」
・Black Butler「黒執事」
・Black Cat
・Black Paradox
・Case Closed「名探偵コナン」
・Death Note
・Enigma of Amigara Fault, The
・Hell Girl「地獄少女」
・Higurashi no Naku Koro ni「蜩の泣くころに」
・Long Dream
・One Piece
・Vampire Night「バンパイアナイト」

・Christopher Paul Curtis crap
・How to Win Friends and Influence People (and Carnegie crap)
・Les Misérables
・Silver Wing
・Shakespeare crap
・Skeleton Creek
・Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 《聊斋志异》
・The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles「ねじまき鳥クロニクル」
・Warriors (until series 4)

Video Games:
-Dark Meadow
-Red Steel
-Silent Hill
-Trauma Center

Thank you for reading. :cool:

Things I like

...Know me before you know what I like.

Okay yeah, that but they don't put a spot for list of favorite video games. O_O So I'll just say my favorite ONLINE games. No, not those lame MMORPGs, online games. I think they might even be Flash games. :frown:

・Air Pressure
・Colour My Dreams (#3)
・Colour My Fate (#4)
・Colour My Heart (#1)
・Colour My World (#2)
・Company of Myself, The
・Don't Look Back
・Every Day the Same Dream
・Fog Fall, The (1,2,3)
・Illusionist's Dream, The
・Infinite Ocean, The
・Memories of You
・One Chance

And a few more I don't want to mention.
Thank you for reading. :D

Things I dislike

When people ask me specifically for the things I dislike.

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