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What are you doing right now?

jonarosen is a boy who signed up 10 years ago. He owns large sums of Jpops (41,542) and was last seen here about 3 years ago

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About me

My name is Jon (middle initial A) Rosen. So if you see me in chat, just call me Jon.

Alex is fine also (remember that middle initial?)

Well, make that 37 now, and now down in Dallas, TX. Got some good work, hope the contract keeps going. Getting more fully back into learning Japanese, mainly so I can enjoy the music that I love so much even more.
Got into a new rental, a house with tons of space, and an excellent contract for it, with chance to buy in 2 years.
Still working on setting up a business for being a Certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist, and having fun with Hypnosis with friends on the side.

Overall, I'm a mongrel white guy from the USA (adopted), who loves many multicultural things. Most music that I prefer these days is classic rock (American) and J-pop overall. I'm a dancer (hip-hop, latin, ballroom), into martial arts, gaming (tabletop, console, computer), reading and more. Love to learn languages, know pieces of almost 10 different ones and trying to focus on Japanese right now.

If people want to contact me outside of
(msn messenger)
(yahoo messenger)
Alex Fury (skype)

For those of you who have questions about Hypnosis or Reiki, feel free to ask.
Also feel free to check out my website.

My favorite artists and albums

SweetS, Sugar Soul, Dragon-Ash, Mummy-D, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ami Suzuki, Utada Hikaru, S.E.S. M-Flo, Crystal Kay, BoA, Dream, Dreams Come True, Zeebra, DJ Hasebe, Morning Musume, Mika Nakashima, Megumi Hayashibara, Ai Otsuka, Do as Infinity, Speed, Ketsumeishi, Namie Amuro, Kuroka Meisa, Emi Hinouchi, Foxxy MisQ, Sowelu, Heartsdales, Rhymester, Soul'd Out.. and I'm sure there are others.

I also like american hip-hop/rap/rock/pop/some jazz or R&B.
I also enjoy latin music, international rap, rammstein, some Hindi-pop, brazilian music, Capoeira and more.

How do I spend my free time

Computers, console gaming, tabletop gaming, dancing (hip-hop/pop, merengue, salsa, lambada, samba, Capoeira), a smattering of Martial Arts (Capoeira again, Jeet Kun Do, Taijutsu, perhaps Sim-bak-do soon), listen to music, watch movies, READ, do sudoku and other brain-builders, Jigsaw puzzles, learning languages and meeting new people.

My favorite movies

I easily like far too many movies to just name a few as favorites. It varies depending on my moods. Some I do love are:

Most Mel Brooks movies
Knight's Tale
Fast and Furious series
Chronicles of Riddick
Pitch Black
Batman Begins & Dark Knight
Iron Man
The Big Hit

Brotherhood of the Wolf (Pacte de loups)

most Jackie Chan
Most Jet Li
So Close

Mostly anime ones

My favorite series

FullMetal Alchemist, Ruroni Kenshin, Love Hina, Kigamure Orange Road, Photon, Outlaw Star, S-Cry-ed, Golden Boy, Bleach, Air Gear, Bast Of Syndrome, Cowboy Bebop and I know there are others

Tv lately: Eureka, Criminal Minds, Heroes, Mythbusters, Extreme Makeover: home edition, Stargate (both of them)(Make that all three of them now, lol), Ghost Hunters, White Collar, Burn Notice, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew (I'm a dancer, what can I say).... probably a few others. Code Geass as a new one.

Things I like

*looks up at everything else he's written* Do you guys really need me to fill this part out?

Now here's a fun thing I've found for all those people who love After School's 'BANG!' and wanted to see more of the drumline work


Things I dislike

Liars, music I can't get into, txt-speak, overly negative people. I'm pretty easy-going overall.

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