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Skrillex and Deadmau5... up to no good we are^^

izumitatsu is a girl who signed up 6 years ago. She owns just 186 Jpops and was last seen here about 1 year ago

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About me

hello Everyone!!! i am a weird otaku of anime and MUSIC! i love any thing under the sun (except body hair.... and things i don't like) i can be sometimes strange and a little annoying. but i love manga and i love to draw. you can request stuff but it will not be awesome cause i think i suck....

My favorite artists and albums

LM.C, Naitomea, Acid Cherry, SuG, anything american that doesnt rape the ear, and Miyavi... uuh and anything else that i cant think of now....

How do I spend my free time

drawing requests from my twitter and sleeping when im not playing the guitar.....

My favorite movies

O.o The Memiors of the Geisha, the hangover part 2, monty python and the holy grail, The orphan, AVATAR the Last Airbender, and Don't Mess with the Zohan.... i dont watch much movies...

My favorite series

tv series are Naruto, Eureka, Warehouse 13, ghost adventures, bleach, durararara, cowboy bebop, and any anime out there cause i LOVE ANIME!!!!

Things I like

anything asian....japanese things in particular.... music, art and of course my religion and all of my wonderful friends.

Things I dislike

balloons, body hair( alot is to much), people making the noises of cats when they talk, making fun of asians ( that should be a given even though i laugh at it), love in general ( whatever a "heart is" dont have one....) and nasal voices... i do have more but i think this should do for nao.

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