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IsaHInaChuu is a girl who signed up 7 years ago. She owns the pretty amazing amount of 9,130 Jpops

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About me

Hello...♥... Konnichiwa...♥...HOLA! <3

I'm IsaHInaChuu

The Only and Best...
ok... xD...

Most Important Data:

Name: Isabel
Names on JPA:Isa, IsaHi, Isa-chan. Isahina, IsaChuu, Hina-chan, Spoiled princess ( thanks to Evil)... but you can call me however do you want xD
Country: Mexico
Age: 19 (OMY! I'm old :()
Gender: Female (at leats it was like that 'till last time i check it out xD)
Mood: Mostly Happy and Nice, Sometimes Crazy and Hyper! :D
Fav Color: Red, Pink and Black

I'm the official JPA cof cof Stalker cof cof Fan #1 of Shirota Yuu... so... take off your hands of him XD

I'm part of the nice group called OM~Sisters!! (M.A.M.I.S.)

in that group are:

My beloved and precious BFF, Sister, Editor, Soulmate... (and a lot of things more... righ 舞子ちゅ〜 ♥?? :D Maria90 A.K.A JPA official onigiri girl :p This girl has been with me in bad and good momments in my life, and she always says she loves my randomness... I just can say I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!<3 (I can say a lot more about her... but it's better if I stop here, she already knows everything I can put in here) You know why I put a gif of him... XD

The crazy, funny and always pervy but so nice arashiluver She always care about me, althought she is younger than me XD Thank you dear! She says I have the sweetest eyes ever... I say she has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen! :D <3

The most amazing asian girl I ever met!!! MIROTIC *dances TVXQ's Mirotic* xD This girl is always nice and crazy! XD Ready to clubbing all the time! YEAH!! And even if she is always in a rush, she helps me with my annoying requests, such as translating XDD :) I apreciate her so much <3

Isa ISa ISa Diva of the west, she is the harajuku and her life is her rest xDD

The amanzingly nice Snooopid girl can make me laugh anytime, so she helps me a lot at cheering up... She is my sister of irony, yeah we both think that our parents would love another thing frum us :p I really like how she always can say I'm pretty or smexy and she makes me happy XD

I love all of those girls<3

I also have other sisters in here... And I love them as well

Like my lovely little sis ELenko94 always here for me and to listen what I have to say... Hahaha I love the ways she understands me, and how I can count on her, and she is always here in the morning (to me) so I have someone to talk early XD love you sis!!<3

I'll add more... later... I'm lazy today! XD

If you want to know something else… just ask ^^

My favorite artists and albums


-Nana Mizuki 水樹 奈々

-Aya Hirano 平野 綾

-Miyano Mamoru 宮野真守
-Super Junior
-Utada Hikaru 宇多田 ヒカル

And others!! :otsu: :laughing:

How do I spend my free time]

Computer is my addiction... :RBconfused: I can pass hours in front of the computer's screen
checking out my accounts or Watching Anime :RBheart:
I chat every day too :RBhalo:

I love cooking♥!.......... Eating♥!! .......... Singing♥!!
Reading XD,... Resting and relaxing!!!

My favorite movies

Coming Soon XDDD ♥

My favorite series


:jangel: Hana Kimi
:jangel: Hana Yori Dango
:jangel: Koshonin*
:jangel: Haken no Hinkaku
:jangel: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


:lovec: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden
:lovec: Clannad & Clannad After Story
:lovec: Toradora
:lovec: Ranma 1/2
:lovec: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
:lovec: Zero not Tzukaima
:lovec: Rosario + Vampire & Rosario + Vampire Cappu2
:lovec: Karin Chibi Vampire
:lovec: Death note*
:lovec: Shugo Chara!*
:lovec: White album*
:lovec: Elfen Lied
:lovec: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kai & Rei
:lovec: NANA*

*Currently watching or in list to watch XD ♥

Things I like

My list of thing i like begins with what i already put on "how do i spend my time" :)

Now here will be my TOP's....

-TOP artist: :lovec:

MY DIVAS, and favorite artists ever!!! Nana MIzuki and Aya Hirano :jangel:

-Top 5 Listening Now!! (i'll be changing this every week xD)

1.- Mysterion- Nana Mizuki
2.- Hysteric barbie - Aya Hirano
3.- Love ya - ss501
4.- Super scription of data - Eiko Shinamiya
5.- Flash - Crystal Kay

-Top Hot guys :lovec:

- Yuu Shirota <3 :totallylove: :lovec: :RBheart: :lovec: :RBheart:

- Kim Hyung Jun... BABY! :lovec: :lovec:

Ikuta "smexy" Toma :lovec: :totallylove:

- Kim Kyu Jong :lovec: :RBblush:

-Miyano Mamoru :RBheart: :love:


Things I dislike

The fact of I dislike things XD.... this list will become bigger, don't worry xD


1.- I hate days when i feel like crying cuz of everything!! :RBohNo:
2.- Mean people
3.- Be ignored
4.- Misunderstoods
5.- be lonely

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