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未成年 - Miseinen by the GazettE +lyrics

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  •  - the GazettE
    Rating 15
  • Title
    未成年 - Miseinen
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  • Release date
    28 July, 2004
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    67% touching  22% rocking  2% upbeat  2% candy  
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Lyric added by: sakurambo20
Gamusharani nanika wo sagashiteta tsumazuitemo ii kara mae ni
Bakageteru no wa wakatteru tada koukaisenu you hashiru nosa
Shinrai dekiru no wa jibun dake de nakama nante iranakatta
Nanimokamoni muketeta yaiba shishun no hane wa morowaku hakanai

Tsuyokunaritai hitori de ikiru tsuyosa wo
Hontou wa uragirareru no ga kowai dake
Nigete bakari jya nani hitotsu kawaranai to
Wakatteru noni kawarenu boku ga iru

Hokorashige nika zashiteta kodoku to iu PURAIDO wa
Yakunitatanu risou heto nigeru tame no hane datta
Hokorashige nika zashiteta jikoshuchou to iu [RIOT]
Kono hikari no mukou ni wa jiyuu nado nakattanda

Teenage Bluely Days

Arete ita mainichi ni oboretetanda
Kizuku itara kodoku seotteta
Tsurakatta. Hontou wa hitori nante ne
Nozonde nakattanda

Hokorashige nika zashiteta kodoku to iu PURAIDO wa
Yakunitatanu risou heto nigeru tame no hane datta
Hokorashige nika zashiteta jikoshuchou to iu [RIOT]
Kono hikari no mukou ni wa jiyuu nado nakattanda

Tsuyogatte bakari jya hontou no kao wasurechau kara
Tama ni chikara wo nuite dareka ni tayoru kotomo daiji desu
Kizutsuite....... Nakitai toki wa oozora ni mukatte oogoe de sakende mite

I don't want to forget myself... I want to be as I am, I want to be...........

Konna yowai boku no tame ni senaka oshite kureta
Chichi ya haha ya nakama no hagemasu koe ga boku ni hikari kuremashita

Hokorashige nika zashiteta kodoku to shishunkizu wa
Yakunitatanu risou he to nigeru tame no hane datta
Aoku hareta ano sora ni jiyuu ga aru to suru nara
Kono hokori takaki hane ga shikiretemo kamawanai
Boku wa hashiridashiteta gamushara ni sora wo megakete
Hane wo hiroge tobitatta rakkaten wa [jiyuu] nanodato
Subarashiki kazoku wo mochi subarashiki nakama wo motta
Saikou no hibi datta umare kawattara mata aou...
Lyric added by: sakurambo20
Lyric added by: squishysama1
がむしゃらに何かを探してた 躓いてもいいから前に
何もかもに向けてた刃 思春の羽は脆く儚い

強くなりたい 一人で生きる強さを

誇らしげにかざしてた 孤独と言うプライドは
誇らしげにかざしてた 自己主張という「RIOT」

Teenage Bluely Days

誇らしげにかざしてた 孤独というプライドは
誇らしげにかざしてた 自己主張という「RIOT」

I don't want forget to myself
I want to be as I am ...


誇らしげにかざしてた 孤独と思春の傷は

僕は走り出してた がむしゃらに空を目掛けて
素晴らしき家族を持ち 素晴らしき仲間を持った
最高の日々だった 生まれ変わったらまた逢おう…
Lyric added by: squishysama1
Lyric added by: squishysama1
Recklessly, I searched for something.
It's fine even if I stumble so
I know I used to look foolish,
Just wanting to run ahead without regretting

The only thing I can trust is myself
Companions are somewhat unnecessary
The blade which faces just about anything
The fragile wings of puberty can't take flight

I want to become stronger; to have the strength to live alone.
The truth is that I'm just afraid of being betrayed
You can't change anything by just running away;
That I understand but, the me who can't be changed exists

The triumphantly adorned solitude called PRIDE,
It was just a wing used for escaping to useless ideals.
The triumphantly adorned self-assertion called RIOT,
Behind this light, there wasn't freedom.

Teenage bluely days I remembered the stormy days,
And realized the burden of solitude I carried.
I was tired. In truth I'm just alone,
And I didn't wish for it.

The triumphantly adorned solitude called PRIDE,
Was just wings used for escaping to useless ideals.
The triumphantly adorned self-assertion called RIOT,
Behind this light, there wasn't freedom.

Acting strong will just make you forget your real face so,
It's important to extract power and depend on someone once in a while.
Being wounded, being injured, being hurt; During the times when you want to cry,
Face the vast sky and cry out as loud as you can.
(I don't want to forget to myself) (I want to be as I am)

As weak as I am, you taught me your back for my sake.
The cheers of encouragement from my father, mother and friends gave me light

The triumphantly adorned solitude and the wounds of puberty
Were just wings used for escaping to useless ideals.
If there were freedom in that cloudless blue sky,
It doesn't make a difference if these wings of pride are torn to shreds.
I start running recklessly, aiming at the skies.
If I spread my wings and taking to the skies, the point where I fall is "Freedom", I guess.
I have a wonderful family, as well as amazing friends.
If the best days were born again, we'll see each other then...
Lyric added by: squishysama1


  • Posted by AlanaArchuleta · 704 Jpops · 1 shares · 9 months ago  

    Cool~~~ >.<

  • Posted by nsms · 1,425 Jpops · 11 months ago  

    Everytime i see this song being performed in Dim Scene and what Ruki says before starting to sing i melt ... i cry a lot

  • Posted by KebinuOppa · 966 Jpops · 35 shares · 1 year ago  


  • Posted by Bellasmatte VIP · 104,805 Jpops · 238 shares · 1 year ago   now online

    I love thos song! :)

  • Posted by VerunNika · 2,812 Jpops · 1 year ago  

    cry everytime i hear it live T_T

  • Posted by lheijhoy · 355 Jpops · 35 shares · 2 years ago  

    i love the song..the music..the lyrics..and especially, the band.. <3

  • Posted by RockingWerewolf · 177 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    This just gave me teary eyes. :(

  • Posted by chinoame · 9 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    i totally love this song!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 gazette are one of the best bands EVER!!!

  • Posted by MiniMeredhead10 · 227 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    clasic Gazette this brings ,me bavk to 10th grade

  • Posted by qhimi · 886 Jpops · 16 shares · 2 years ago  

    they are always cry if perform this song :(

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    This song is awesome! :gasp:.....>.<.....<3..... O:)

  • Posted by ReitasBandana · 17,471 Jpops · 41 shares · 3 years ago  

    this was the first GazettE song I listened to. I love this song so much. One of my favourites ♥

  • Posted by Missa · 119,147 Jpops · 94 shares · 3 years ago  

    i LOVE this song... but it also makes me sad, cause its the last song they perform during concerts T_T

  • Posted by Psychzz · 2,563 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Woaah, such a great song! ♥

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