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Rainy days never stays by the brilliant green +lyrics

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  •  - the brilliant green
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    Rainy days never stays
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    31 July, 2002
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Lyric added by: badeth
I always took the easy way
Just sit around and say complaints
It's now time to say goodbye

Ukabiagaru koukai wo
Tsukimatou yuu'utsu wo
Sotto kumo ni nagashite
I will find the answer in my heart so...
Ikutsu mono sekai ga kowaretemo
Hatenai akogare ga kono mune ni furisosogu

"Raining all day" going away
Step out to be myself again
Oikaketai It's an amazing day!
"Raining all day" has gone away
Ano natsu no you ni
My dream... soba ni ite mitsukeru kara

Tanchou na hizashi to tanchou na nami ni
Kizu wa iete yuku
Fukai kokyuu no naka de yagate ame ni natte
Umi ni tokeru kara
Koukai ga okubyou ni sugata wo kaete yuku
Iya na hi mo
Kodoku ni tsukamaranai
Tsuyosa wasurenaide

"Raining all day" nando mo
Furikaeru yume wo
Akirameru koto ga kowagatta
"Raining all day"
Harenai yozora mo aru kedo
Little star... ki ga tsuite
Rainy days never stays

"Hurry now it's time to say goodbye, goodbye
Sun is waiting for you to arrive, alive
Hurry now it's time to say goodbye, goodbye
Door is open for you to....."

"Raining all day" going away
Step out to be myself again
Ima yasashii kaze wo ukete
"Raining all day" has gone away
Ano natsu ni nemuru My dream...
kiss me once again
I'll find a better way

"Raining all day" going away
Can't wait to go and spread my wings
Blowing a kiss to me,
hello amazing day!
"Raining all day" has gone away
Sunshine of mine, just be with me
keeping my heart warm as today
Rainy days never stays
Lyric added by: badeth
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  • Posted by crimsonphantom · 1,619 Jpops · 1 shares · 4 years ago  

    i love the chill atmosphere of the song. the video managed to capture that feeling very well.

  • Posted by Katheryne · 1,086 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    omg I have that same lobster that she was holding in the video ^^

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