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Y by Super Junior +lyrics

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  •  - Super Junior
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    3 August, 2011
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Lyric added by: PressReplay
neol bomyeon (nan) useumman (nawa) sujubeun misokkajido Yeah
nal boneun ne nunbicheun seulpeun geol hoksi ibyeoreul malharyeogo hani Baby

maeilgachi tto banbokdoel nae moseube neoneun geurido jichyeonneunji nal yongseohagenni?
dasi hanbeon deo saenggakhae saenggakhaejullae ijeneun nochi anheulge

*neoreul ullin geon naega baboraseo
neoreul bonaen geon naega bujokhaeseo neol
jiuryeo haetdeon geureon nareul yongseohae jwo nal
jebal dasi sumeul swil su itge

neol bomyeon (nan) nunmuri (heulleo) nareul baboro mandeuneun neo
hoksirado ne mam byeonhal ttae doraol gire naega seo isseulge Baby

junbihaetdeon ne ibyeori naegeneun jigeum jugeul geot gachi apa sigani jinado
ajik neoreul bonaegien bonaegieneun hae julge neomu manheunde Yeah


eodiseobuteo yaegihalkka eonjebuteonga mworalkka sojunghamiran geol irheogatjanha (mal an haedo aljanha)
geundeyo, geudaeyeo uri hamkkeyeotdeon ilbun ilchoga nunbusige areumdapdeon yeppeun misoga geuriwo ne mame kkok dakil
nae seulpeun gidoga i bissogeul jina hoksi bol su isseulkka
naega jigeum neomu apa nega tteonan jigeumi nan neomu apa mwoga iri himdeunji maeil bam nan neol saenggakhae
harurado an hamyeon nae mami buranhan geol neon ani eum ani moreugetji ireon nal al riga eobtji
neodo gakkeum nae saenggagi nandamyeon geu ttae neon doraomyeon dwae

**saranghandan mal neol hyanghae haneun mal
bogo sipdan mal neol ango sipeun mal ojik han saram
neoreul jikigo sipeo dasi (naege) dorawa jul neoreul wihae
Lyric added by: PressReplay
Lyric added by: OLA
널 보면 (난) 웃음만 (나와) 수줍은 미소까지도 Yeah
날 보는 네 눈빛은 슬픈 걸 혹시 이별을 말하려고 하니 Baby

매일같이 또 반복될 내 모습에 너는 그리도 지쳤는지 날 용서하겠니?
다시 한번 더 생각해 생각해줄래 이제는 놓지 않을게

너를 울린 건 내가 바보라서
너를 보낸 건 내가 부족해서 널
지우려 했던 그런 나를 용서해 줘 날
제발 다시 숨을 쉴 수 있게

널 보면 (난) 눈물이 (흘러) 나를 바보로 만드는 너
혹시라도 네 맘 변할 때 돌아올 길에 내가 서 있을게 Baby

준비했던 네 이별이 나에게는 지금 죽을 것 같이 아파 시간이 지나도
아직 너를 보내기엔 보내기에는 해 줄게 너무 많은데 Yeah

너를 울린 건 내가 바보라서
너를 보낸 건 내가 부족해서 널
지우려 했던 그런 나를 용서해 줘 날
제발 다시 숨을 쉴 수 있게

어디서부터 얘기할까 언제부턴가 뭐랄까 소중함이란 걸 잃어갔잖아 (말 안 해도 알잖아)
근데요, 그대여 우리 함께였던 일분 일초가 눈부시게 아름답던 예쁜 미소가 그리워 네 맘에 꼭 닿길
내 슬픈 기도가 이 빗속을 지나 혹시 볼 수 있을까
내가 지금 너무 아파 네가 떠난 지금이 난 너무 아파 뭐가 이리 힘든지 매일 밤 난 널 생각해
하루라도 안 하면 내 맘이 불안한 걸 넌 아니 음 아니 모르겠지 이런 날 알 리가 없지
너도 가끔 내 생각이 난다면 그 때 넌 돌아오면 돼

**사랑한단 말 널 향해 하는 말
보고 싶단 말 널 안고 싶은 말 오직 한 사람
너를 지키고 싶어 다시 (내게) 돌아와 줄 너를 위해
Lyric added by: OLA
Lyric added by: PressReplay
(Donghae) Looking at you (me)
Just (only) a smile
A smile immersed with shyness (yeah)
Your eyes looked sad when you looked at me
Perhaps that was when you were about to bid farewell (honey baby)

(Sungmin) Repeating like everyday
(Ryeowook) My appearance
Missing you that it became restless

(Yesung) Will you forgive me?
(Sungmin) Please think twice
(Ryeowook) Think again
I won’t let go at this moment

Make you cry
(Sungmin) Is because of my stupidness
Letting you go
(Sungmin) Is because I am lacking in many ways
Please forgive me who wants to forget you
Please let me have a chance to breath again

(Kyuhyun) Looking at you (me)
Tears (rolled down)
You turned me into a fool (yeah)
Perhaps when you change your mind
I will stand on the road where you used to travel back to me (baby)

(Siwon) Your leaving which had been known earlier
(Yesung) Has no difference from a pain which cause me almost dead to me right now
(Sungmin) Time passes
(Siwon) I still can’t let you go
(Yesung) Letting you go
I’ve did too much for you

Make you cry
(Siwon) Is because of my stupidness
Letting you go
(Siwon) Is because I am lacking in many ways
(Sungmin) Please forgive me who wants to forget you
(Ryeowook) Please let me have a chance to breath again

(Eunhyuk) Where can I start telling
When can I start telling
What can I tell
Those precious words had been forgotten (you will understand even if I don’t tell)

Those moments we spent together
Minutes and seconds which we misses
The shimmering, beautiful smile
Has to be kept in your heart

(Donghae) I prayed while heart aching
If we can still meet when the rain stops
I am very miserable right now
Your leaving made the current me suffer

What matters me
I think of you every night
If there’s one day I don’t think about you
My heart will feel unsafe (girl)
You (no) Mmhm (no) Don’t know anything right?
You are not familiar with this kind of me
If only you would think about me anytime
If you could come back by then
That would be great

The phrase I love you
The phrase from me that only you can listen to
The phrase I miss you
The phrase that says I wanted to hug you
The only one
(Ryeowook) I want to protect you
Once again
For you
(Kyuhyun) To be by my side again
Lyric added by: PressReplay


  • Posted by Raindropbows · 30,289 Jpops · 9 shares · 4 years ago  

    I like the flow of this song.

  • Posted by Chikai · 4,236 Jpops · 5 shares · 4 years ago  

    The choreography in this is nice even if it's minimal.

  • Posted by asahi · 511 Jpops · 588 shares · 4 years ago  

    this is one of my favs off of the Mr. Simple album <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Posted by Chenoa67 · 9,281 Jpops · 180 shares · 4 years ago  

    I really really like this song. It was sung so beautifully but them it is Super Junior.

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