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light prayer by school food punishment +lyrics

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  •  - school food punishment
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    light prayer
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    2 December, 2009
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Lyric added by: Lexian
ugomeite iru yami o watte sono naka no yodomi o bute

keisan to hoshu jibun katte na RUURU yugande iru jijitsu kitai o shoukyo shite

mukau beki mirai no me tsunde iru shoutai sagashidashite
sono te o tsukande hikari no sasu asu e kage mo tsureteku
kitto tsumetakute kurai ame datte dareka sukutte iru kara
heikousen o tsunageba wa ni naru hikari ni kaete

oto o tatete zurete yuku sekai SOS no mure boku o shoumou shite

chikasugite boyaketa genjitsu to mirai mada te o nobaseru kotae o sagashite

mukau beki mirai no me sono naka mimi o sumashite mireba
mada minu sekai ni hikari o inotte matte iru fuan mo sotto daite
kitto itsuka tsukarete subete o keshite shimaitaku natte mo kimi no koe ga boku o yobimodosu

hora yoku mite mite kazemuki sukoshi kawareba hareru
yajirushi no hou e sore ga shimesu asu e furatsuita tte yukeru
kitto ibitsu na sekai no sono saki chiisana hikari ga aru
subete ga kanau rakuen ja nakute mo kimi ga koko ni iru
kaze wa sotto boku no senaka o oshite iru (aa kinou made no jibun ga senaka o oshite iru)
sou heikousen no saki o tsunaida nara hikari no wa ni naru
Lyric added by: Lexian
Lyric added by: syllen
蠢いている 闇を割って その中の澱みを打て

計算と保守 自分勝手なルール 歪んでいる事実 期待を消去して

向かうべき未来の芽 摘んでいる正体 探し出して
その手を掴んで 光の差す明日へ 影も連れてく
きっと 冷たくて暗い雨だって 誰か救っているから
平行線を繋げば輪になる 光に変えて

音を立てて ずれていく世界 SOSの群れ 僕を消耗して

近すぎてぼやけた 現実と未来 まだ手を伸ばせる 答えを探して

向かうべき未来の芽 その中 耳を澄ましてみれば
まだ見ぬ世界に 光を祈って待っている 不安もそっと抱いて
きっと いつか疲れて全てを消してしまいたくなっても 君の声が 僕を呼び戻す

ほら よく見てみて 風向き少し変われば 晴れる
矢印の方へ それが示す明日へ ふらついたって行ける
きっと 歪な世界のその先 小さな光がある
全てが叶う楽園じゃなくても 君がここにいる
風はそっと 僕の背中を押している(ああ 昨日までの自分が 背中を押している)
そう 平行線の先を繋いだなら 光の輪になる
Lyric added by: syllen
Lyric added by: Lexian
Split the darkness we’re crawling through; strike the hesitation that lies within.

Calculation and maintenance are selfish rules. The facts are bending – eliminate your expectations.

I search for my true self, who’s gathering the buds of the future we must turn to.
I grab that hand to the tomorrow that light shines on, taking along my shadow.
I’m sure that in the cold and dark rain, someone is saving us,
So if we connect the parallel lines, they’ll become a wheel and change into light.

If I make a sound, I’ll slip away from the world. This mass of SOS calls exhausts me.

Reality and the future are so close they’re getting out of focus. I can still stretch out my hand, searching for the answer.

Inside the buds of the future we must turn to, if you try listening carefully,
They’re praying for light and waiting in a world we haven’t seen yet, softly carrying their unease.
I’m sure that even if I get tired someday and want to erase everything, your voice will call me back.

Hey, try looking closely. If the wind’s direction changes a little, the weather clears.
To the sign, to the tomorrow it points to, we can stagger on.
I’m sure that there’s a small light just past this distorted world.
It’s not an Eden where everything is granted, but you’re here.
The wind is gently pushing at my back. (Ah, my self from up until yesterday is pushing at my back.)
Yes, once we connect the ends of the parallel lines, they’ll become a wheel of light.
Lyric added by: Lexian

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