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Oha Girl Maple

Oha Girl Maple

    Members of Oha Girl Maple

    Oha Girl Maple's Bio

    Oha Girl Maple is a unit made for the children's show Oha Suta. On March 27, 2012, all the girls graduated.

    Oha Girl Maple was formed and released a collaboration single with S/mileage.

    Ogawa Saki left to live a normal life and was replaced by Ikuta Erina.

    Fomer Members

    Ikuta Erina (Graduated March 27, 2012)
    Erika (Graduated March 27, 2012)
    Shiori (Graduated March 27, 2012)
    Ogawa Saki (Graduated August 27, 2011)

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      About Oha Girl Maple

      Band nameOha Girl Maple
      Band typegirlband (3 members)
      Debut24 November, 2010 (disbanded)
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