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Inori by nj +lyrics

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    4 December, 2010
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Lyric added by: brendad307
mukashi kii ta ano uta o tokidoki omoidasu
anata ga oshie te kure ta sai sho no uta

shimi wa tatta ki oku ima de ha mou tooku
toki ha shira nu ma ni sugi furikaere ba soko ha kako

hanare te kara wakaru kotoba ni deki nu afu ruru omoi

zutto haruka hanare te i te mo onaji sora no shi ta de
omoidasu anata no egao ano hi no uta go e o

yasashii manazashi shikara re tayoru
hiroi se naka no nukumori chikaraduyoi koe

iroase ta omohi de eiga ima mo mada oboe te masu ka

zutto haruka hanare te i te mo onaji sora no shi ta de
shiawase de genki de iru to koko kara tsutawari masu ka

ano uta o anata no you ni utaeru no ha itsu daro u
onaji yasashii manazashi dekiru no ha itsu daro u

kaeri taku naru modore nai hibi ima ha tada inori tai
mina ga doko ni it te mo kitto shiawase de ari masu you ni
Lyric added by: brendad307
Lyric added by: brendad307
むかしきいたあのうたを ときどきおもいだす
あなたがおしえてくれた さいしょの唄

沁みわたったきおく いまではもうとおく
ときは知らぬ間にすぎ ふりかえればそこは過去

はなれてからわかる ことばにできぬあふるる想い

ずっとはるか離れていても おなじそらのしたで
思い出すあなたのえがお あの日のうたごえを

やさしいまなざし しかられたよる
ひろいせなかのぬくもり 力強いこえ

色あせた思ひ出映画 今もまだ覚えてますか

ずっとはるか離れていても おなじそらのしたで
しあわせで元気でいると ここから伝わりますか

あの唄をあなたのように 歌えるのはいつだろう
おなじやさしいまなざし できるのはいつだろう

かえりたくなる もどれない日々 今はただ祈りたい
みながどこにいってもきっと しあわせでありますように
Lyric added by: brendad307
Lyric added by: vk45de
Sometimes I remember the song you've taught me so long ago - my first time.

At times I unknowingly look back at those memories that have been burned into my mind even though it is now a long time ago.

I've been understanding an undescribable feeling ever since we've parted that keeps getting stronger.

Although were are so far away, we are still under the same sky.
Your smiling face comes to mind, your singing voice.

With a gentle gaze, you corrected my mistakes.
The warmth of your broad shoulders your strong voice.

Like a movie it fades from memory, do you still remember it?

Even though we are separated by vast distances, we are still under the same sky.
My happiness, my health, can I convey them to your from here?

To be able to sing that song just like you, how long will it take?
To achieve that gentle gaze of yours, how long will it take?

I want to go home. In the days that I cannot return home, I just want to pray for everyone's happiness wherever they may be.
Lyric added by: vk45de

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