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Soul cry by NEGA +lyrics

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  •  - NEGA
    Rating 6
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    Soul cry
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    30 January, 2008
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    38% crazy  31% rocking  13% upbeat  6% sexy  
Expected release next PV: 2 years ago
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Lyric added by: pinktopaz
Tada koe wo koroshi saken da kokoro no oku no nanika ga asu wo...

Kudaranai kanjou wa sute
Same ta mede mitsu meteiru
Kizu tsui ta kimi no omoi wo
Aa... Mou nozomu mirai wa konai no ni ne...

Zetsubou to konton to hakujaku na kimi nosono kokoro to
Tsunagareta yuiitsu no ito saemo kokoro ni tachi kirare
I don't understand even my wish
Mou kesshite majiwa rukotononai kono ito to futari

Tada koe wo koroshi saken da kokoro no oku no nanika ga
"Tada itoshi kute, sou setsuna kutemou koware soudayo"

Fusagi komu youni sou... Osae tsukeru youni to
Kanjou wo koroshi teita
Aa... Naze kisumo omoi mo nanimo kawa ranai ?

Aa... Nozon deinai
Aa... Mirai no hate ni

Kakikesareta nozomu mirai ni dare wo nikumi seme tate temo
Mou modore nai, sou kae renai aa... Wa kaitte irusa...

Tada koe wo agete sakenda koko de ikiru muimi sa wo...
Mou aruke nai sou aise nai aa... Naze umare kawaru ?

Kotae nadonai mitsu karuhazunai kodou wa mujou ni akai chi wo
Muimi ni ikiru ku ni nagasu soshite ore hamata asu mo ika sarerunodarou

Kokoro no oku no sora wa nakidashi kuzure sou
Doredake ai wo motome miage temo...

Lyric added by: pinktopaz
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Lyric added by: thedreamingseoul
I just lowered my voice and screamed, there's something in my heart that tomorrow...

I throw the worthless sentiment away and I'm looking at it with my moist eyes
The thoughts of you, who has been hurt... Ah even though desired future won't coma any more, right...?

To despair, confusion and the heart of you, who are weak
I was tied only with a thread, even if in my heart it was cut off
I don't understand even my wish
And never changing my intention and the two of us

I just lowered my voice and screamed, there's something in my heart that...
"Just beloved, so painful, it seems to be broken again"

That's why...

Just as if I feel down and pressed down
I have murdered my feelings, ah... Why my wounds, my thoughts and anything won't change?

In the end of future which wasn't wished for...

Everything is crushed to death in chaos
Everything is manipulated under the governor
I lose everything in despair
The splinter of hope smashes up everything

In our desired future which disappeared, even if someone is hated and tortued severly
I can't return anymore, so I won't be changed, ah... I understand...

I just lifted my voice and screamed, living here is pointless...
I won't keep going anymore, so I can't love, ah... Why should I start from the beginning?

Without an answer my heart beating, which can't be discovered, pumps the red blood ruthelessly...
It shed blood in a body which lives without any meaning, but also tomorrow I will keep on living

The sky inside my heart bursted into tears and it seems to crumble
How long will I look for love, while looking up at this sky...?
Lyric added by: thedreamingseoul


  • Posted by Rizin04 · 5,976 Jpops · 85 shares · 2 years ago  

    I really enjoyed this song.

  • Posted by shanti VIP · 31,980 Jpops · 217 shares · 2 years ago  

    this song gets never old

  • Posted by JRockGirl · 379 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    This is awesome!! Haha new band to my list of favorites!!

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Band nameNEGA
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Debut1 December, 2004 (disbanded)
LabelUnder Code Production
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