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Shuumatsu no Confidence Song (終末のコンフィデンスソング) by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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    Shuumatsu no Confidence Song (終末のコン...
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    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    10 December, 2008
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
It didn’t have the impact that garners critical acclaim,
but you know, it was a good movie anyway.
You cried a little there didn’t you? I noticed,
’cause I did too.

gossip is strewn all over the city
we all ignite it, for the fun of it
in exposing these inferior fools for what they are
we get some relief.

this air of annoyance is stepping on the cuff of my pants
I’m sure there’s a way to escape from the danger that lies ahead
if only I were to stop but…
Oh No!
The flame!
Let the pale blue flame in your eyes
light the murky path before you
the road continues on.

with a click, a drag and a rock n’ roll
we can get anything want
from those things we can’t live without, to those we can
so, we’ll cross without paying attention
and move forward arrogantly
over civilization’s grace.

sometimes I dream an ominous dream
I’m running but I’m getting nowhere.
maybe the dream is a metaphor
for something that’s going on in my real life?
Oh No!
it’s going faster than I ever imagined
Are you ready to face the enemy,
that’s rapidly closing in?
not unlike Don Quixote.

I can’t plant my feet here, when I feel like I’m walking on clouds.
How long can you really hold on? On this earth.
Nowhere !?
This air of annoyance is kicking at the heel of your high heels.
I’m sure there’s a way to escape from the danger that lies ahead
if only you could turn back but…
Oh No!
The flame!
Let the pale blue flame in your eyes
light that precarious path before you
the road continues on
Yes, it will continue.

The critics aren’t wrong but,
if you can figure out what’s happening
right before our eyes
without trying to see the bright or dark side
then raise those eyes
that look down at your feet
with pride!
Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai


  • Posted by zedramen · 66 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    this kinda reminds me of the beatles...

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Fantastic :D

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