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Rock 'n Roll (ロックンロール) by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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    Rock 'n Roll (ロックンロール)
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  • Genre
    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    10 December, 2008
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    63% upbeat  38% rocking  
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
kuusou ni fukette ichi nichi ga owaru
moshi chigau ikikata wo eran de itaratte
honpou ni ikite sashizu nado sasenai
sasurau kaze ni fukarete
nagare ni sakaratte

R & R no imeeji sono manma
sake ni onna ni oborete shinde iku
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
gara mo utsuwa mo boku to wa chigatte iru
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
dakedo tamaranaku soitsu ni akogareru ya

kekkon nado shinai de kodoku wo aisuru
atosaki nado kangae nai
baka to yobareru
rokku sutaa mo kutte iku tame ni
honpou na imeeji wo kochou shitetari shite
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
doko no sekai mo raku ja nai tte koto
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
demo shigeki to jiyuu wo kokoro wa sagashite iru

R & R no oto ni oborete
kyou mo heddo fon no boryuumu wo ageru
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
ima no kurashi ga ichiban niatteiru
wakatteru yo wakatteru yo
kesshite hitori ja hito wa ikite ikenai

Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
No Japanese lyric yet add lyric
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Lost in fantasy,
a day goes by
I wonder where I’d be if I had chosen a different life…?
I’d live free of restraints, free of rules
blown by a roaming wind
I’d go against the flow

It’s the very picture of rock n’ roll
drowning to death in women and booze
I know, I know
it’s not my nature, I’m not equipped for it
I know, I know
but I can’t help yearning for a life like that.

I’ll stay unmarried, in love with my loneliness
I won’t consider the consequences
they’ll call me a fool.

In order for rock stars to make a living
they have to play up this “free of restraint” image
I know, I know
that no matter what you do it’s never easy
I know, I know
but my heart is searching for freedom and stimulation

Wallowing in the sounds of Rock n’ Roll
again today, I turn up the volume
I know, I know
this life I live is the one best suited to me
I know, I know
people need others to survive.

Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai

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