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Prelude by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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    J-pop / J-rock
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    1 December, 2010
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Hey you, the sun is setting
What kind of day was today?
I’m asking,
knowing full well that things don’t usually go as planned.

Where are you going tomorrow?
So, my friend. where do we go?
Even if your dazzling rainbow tinted dreams
should wither and fade,
raise your head.

You’ll hear the prelude
listen closely now
I’ll be waiting for you at the train stop
won’t you ride with me?

Entrust yourself to the pounding of your heart
discard your grudges and lingering attachments
A ticket buys you release from thinking too deeply.

Yesterday passed by with just a nod of the head.
If you feel like you’re just getting by,
making these same excuses to yourself
so you don’t end up hating yourself then…

Shake off the illusions
that train is leaving the station
the steam whistle blows, its body trembles
and into the light it goes
For now, shelve your worries
you won’t need them, or any baggage!
Jump on board with nothing to weigh you down!

Hey you, back then you mistakenly thought you were going to be the hero.
On standby at the table, waiting for something to come to you.

What are you doing there?
so, my friend. what’s going on?
did you find what you were looking for?
Or did you settle for a fake, and now cry yourself to sleep at night?

I could never say that if you believe your dreams will come true
but surely if you don’t believe then all those unaccomplished dreams
will be waiting somewhere for us to visit them again.

Get past your sadness, still that train will run
tearing through the darkness, calling forth a wind,
to the other side you aim for
For now shelve your common sense and morals
you won’t need them, or your objective viewpoints
don’t stop until you’re dead!

Let’s just take this chance to put an end
to that long journey of self discovery too while we’re at it.
Tomorrow, for sure, you hope to find in yourself,
a person that another can depend on.

Hey you the sun is setting
what kind of day shall tomorrow be?
You hear the prelude
listen closely, now.

Take that which you yearn for with you everywhere
that train will run again today
the steam whistle blows, its body trembles
and into the light it goes
For now, shelve your worries
you won’t need them, or any baggage!
Don’t take anything with you, and hop on!
Brian and Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai

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