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LOVE Hajimemashita (LOVE はじめました) by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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  • Title
    LOVE Hajimemashita (LOVE はじめました)
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  • Genre
    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    10 May, 2002
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    86% upbeat  14% rocking  
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
'aikawarazu da ne' tte mukashi tsukiatteta onna ni sou iwareta
yoku totte ii no ka warui imi na no ka?
yoku wakarazu shibaraku herahera waratteta

fui ni shisen wo agereba gokusaishoku neon machi no hikari da
oyaji ni kawarete hoteru de sasareru shoujyo wo egaita
eiga wo omoidashita

rokata ni tomatta kuruma de utteru nantara kebabu- wo hoobaru
shikabane mawashite abutte kirisaki chiisaku natta
sono oniku wo hoobaru

LOVE hajimemashita
soitsu de ookiku narimashita
LOVE hajimemashita
Aa okuchi ni aimashita ka?

satsujingenba ni yajiumatachi ga himatsubushi de muregaru
chuukouseitachi ga keitai katate ni kamera ni mukatte
pi-susain wo okuru

hannin ha tomokaku mazu ha omaera ga shikei ni narya iin da
demo kono ato nyu-su de nakata no intabyu- ga aru kara
sore mite kara kangaeru to shiyou ka.

LOVE yoku hieteorimasu
jidai no mukaikaze mo ukete
LOVE yoku hieteorimasu
Aa ikki ni nomihosetara na

kono machi no naka oshiai heshiai bokura ha aruiteku
tashou no masatsu ga attemo surezu ni
kokoro wo migaiteiku nante dekiru ka naa

bouzu ga byoubu ni jyouzu ni bouzu no e wo kaku to iu darou
nara boku ha aishiteru hito ni aishiteru to iu
hineri no nai uta wo utaou

imi nanka nai sa fukaku mo nai shi in datte fundenai
tada itsuwari naku kazari mo nai
magire mo nai omoi dake ga soko ni ha arun da

LOVE hajimemashita
maido maido no koto desu ga
LOVE hajimemashita
kyounen yori oishiku dekimashita
LOVE hajimemashita
soitsu de otona ni narimashita
LOVE hajimemashita
Aa okuchi ni aimashita ka?
Brian Stewart
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
No Japanese lyric yet add lyric
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
This girl I used to go out with long ago told me
"you haven't changed a bit"
Should I take that as a compliment or a putdown?
I didn't really know so for the moment I laughed foolishly.

When I happen to look up,
the neon city is covered in richly colored lights
and I remembered this movie where this girl
was picked up by an older guy and stabbed in a hotel.

I stuff my mouh with something or other kebob
sold out of a car stopped on the side of the street.
the spit-roasting dead flesh, is cut into pieces
and I stuff my mouth full of the little chunks.

LOVE, just in.
it's made me bigger.
LOVE, just in.
Did you find the taste to your liking?

The onlookers gather around the murder scene to kill time.
the junior high and high school students
with cell phones in one hand, make peace signs to the camera

Forget about the criminal for now,
it's you all who should be put to death.
But after this is an interview with Nakata so when that's done *1
I'll get back to you.

LOVE has gotten cool enough
in the headwind of this generation
Love has gotten cool enough
If only I could chug it all down at once.

We're walking through this city bumper to bumper
And even if there's a little friction, I wonder if it's possible
to polish our hearts without scarring them up.

they say "a monk draws a monk well on the folding screen" *2
then I say I will sing a straight out love song to the one I love.

There's no real or deeper meaning,
and I'm not going to try and rhyme,
it's just a simple honest, and pure feeling.

LOVE, just in.
it's the same everytime but,
LOVE, just in
it's come out better this year than last.
LOVE, just in
and made me grow up.
LOVE, just in
ah did you find the taste to your liking?
Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai

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