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It's a wonderful world by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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    It's a wonderful world
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    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    10 May, 2002
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Oh baby tooriame ga agaru made
capuci-no demo nonde matou ka?
kono minikuku mo utsukushii sekai de

muda na mono nado kitto nani hitotsu to shite nai sa
totsuzen otozureru nibui kanashimi de attemo

wasurenai de kimi no koto wo boku ha hitsuyou to shiteite
onaji you ni sore ijyou ni omotteru hito mo iru
anadoranai de bokura ni ha mada yareru koto ga aru
teokure jyanai mada ma ni au sa
kono sekai ha kyou mo utsukushii sou da utsukushii

Oh baby tooriame ga agattara
hanauta demo utatte arukou
kono minikuku mo utsukushii sekai de
Brian Stewart
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Oh Baby why don't we order some cappucinos
and wait til the passing showers go by.
in this ugly beautiful world.

Surely nothing's been a waste,
even if you've been paid an unexpected visit by a dull sadness.

Don't ever forget that, just as I need you,
there others who care for you even more,
don't take it lightly, there's still things we can do,
it's not too late, we can still make it.

and again today the world is beautiful, oh it is.

Oh Baby when the passing showers have gone by,
let's hum a song and go for a walk
in this ugly beautiful world
Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai


  • Posted by ShintaSuki · 349 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    I love it... Thanks again Ryu :p

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 3 years ago  

    Mind-numbing :D

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