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BOLERO by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
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    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    5 March, 1997
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Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
maru de yamai mou kami mo hotoke mo nai
magure mo naku kore ga koi tte iu mon desu
kokoro nante mon no jittai wa shiran kedo
karadajuu ga kimi o motomete n'da yo

Mm kimi shika inai kimi koso mirai
kotoba wa mina kuukyo chuu ni mau n'desu
nayameru sekai zentai no ichidaiji mo
mukanshin de irarechau kono omoi o
shitte Ah nee shitte

itsu datte nenjuu mukyuu de kimi o aishiteyuku
shichiten battou no jinsei mo waraitobashiteyuku
kanjou o mukidashi ni shite
asa kara ban made hadaka no manma de kurashitai

kondo koso honmono nandatte kimi ga iu no nara
shouben kusai juudai no koi o waraitobashite kure
honnou no manma jiyuu ni shite
yoru no BERANDA de hadaka no manma de kurashitai
hirumugoto no nai omoi wa asu e to
tsudzuiteku tsudzuiteku
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
まるで病 もう神も仏もない
紛れもなく これが恋って言うもんです
心なんてもんの実体は 知らんけど
身体中が君を 求めてんだよ

Mm 君しかいない 君こそ未来
言葉は皆 空虚 宙に舞うんです
無関心でいられちゃう この想いを
知って Ah ねぇ 知って

いつだって年中無休で 君を愛してゆく
七転八倒の人生も 笑い飛ばしてゆく
朝から晩まで 裸のまんまで 暮らしたい

今度こそ本物なんだって 君が言うのなら
小便臭い十代の恋を 笑い飛ばしてくれ
夜のベランダで 裸のまんまで 暮らしたい
ひるむ事のない 想いは明日へと
続いてく 続いてく
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai
It’s just like a sickness, no more god or buddha
make no mistake about it, this is a thing called love.
I don’t claim to know the true form of the heart
but all over my body I long for you.

“There’s no one but you, In you I see my future”
all these words without content, dance in space
know this feeling of getting to be indifferent to
the serious problems of everyone in a world of anxiety,
c’mon know it.

I’m going to love you throughout the year without rest,
We’ll laugh off a life writhing in pain.
bare my emotions
I want to live naked like this from morning til night

If you say, “This time it’s the real thing”
then you can laugh off your naive teenage love
with just your instincts, free yourself
on the evening veranda I want to live naked like this
the unflinching emotion continuing til tomorrow.
Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: Ryusenkai

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