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And I Love You by Mr.Children +lyrics

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  •  - Mr.Children
    Rating 18
  • Title
    And I Love You
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  • Genre
    J-pop / J-rock
  • Release date
    19 September, 2005
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Lyric added by: JpopAsia
toberu yo kimi ni mo
hane wo hirogete goran yo
issho ni ikou saa jyunbi wo
hora hayaku shite oide yo
hagurezu ni tsuite koreru kai? boku ni
kimi ni ha jyuujyun wo boku ni ha yasashisa wo
tagai ni enji sasete tsukarete shimau kedo
sore demo imi ha aru kai dou omou?
ima mo hoshigatte kureru kai? boku wo
kizutsukeau tame jyanaku
bokura ha deatta tte iikireru ka naa?
ima wakaru kotae ha hitotsu tada hitotsu
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

mijyuku na jyounetsu wo nan no hoshou mo nai asu wo
shinjite utagatte ashi ga sukunde mo
mada jyosou wo tsuzukeru sa kyou mo
issho ni koete kureru kai kinou wo
mou hitorikiri jya tobenai
kimi ga boku wo karuku shiteru kara
ima nara kitto terenai de
utaeru utaeru utaeru
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

doushiyou mo naku kyuu ni hitori ni naritai toki ga ari
okujyou de tsuki wo nagameteta
kimi ni ha omoi ga tsuyoku muku hodo
okubyou ni naru no ga wakatte
sunao ni mitomerarenakute
demo kimi ga boku ni tsukitooshiteta uso wo akirameta hi
sore ga kuru no wo kanjitan da
mirai ga mata hitotsu hora mata hitotsu
bokura ni chikazuiteru
I love you
and I love you
and I love you
Brian Stewart
Lyric added by: JpopAsia
Lyric added by: JpopAsia
作詞: Kazutoshi Sakurai 作曲: Kazutoshi Sakurai
飛べるよ 君にも
一緒に行こう さぁ準備を
ほら 早くしておいでよ
君には従順を 僕には優しさを
互いに演じさせて 疲れてしまうけど
それでも意味はあるかい どう思う?
今 分かる答えはひとつ ただひとつ
I love you
and I love you
and I love you
未熟な情熱を 何の保証もない明日を
信じて 疑って 足がすくんでも
まだ助走を続けるさ 今日も
一緒に超えてくれるかい 昨日を
歌える 歌える 歌える
I love you
and I love you
and I love you
君に想いが強く向くほど 臆病になるのが分かって
でも 君が僕につき通してた 嘘をあきらめた日
未来がまた一つ ほらまた一つ
I love you
and I love you
and I love you
Lyric added by: JpopAsia
Lyric added by: JpopAsia
I can fly, you can too
just spread your wings
let's go together, go on and get your things together
c'mon hurry up now
do you think you can follow me without falling behind?
in your case meekness, in mine kindness
we both put on a show, and it tires us out but
but still it means something, what do you think?
do you still want me?
I wonder if you can say with certainty
we didn't meet just to hurt one another?
the only answer I understand now, the one and only answer is
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

even as I stumble unsure whether to believe or doubt
a tomorrow with no guarantees, an immature passion
I keep running the race, today
will you make it through yesterday with me?
I can't fly by myself anymore
because you take some weight off me
now, surely I can sing without feeling embarassed
I can sing, I can sing
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

there are times when I suddenly feel the need to be alone
I gaze at the moon from the roof
I realize that the stronger my thoughts of you are,
the more of a coward I become
I can't be honest with myself and admit it
but I felt the day coming
when you'd stop lying to me
and the future took a step, and another
closer to us
I love you
and I love you
and I love you
Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Lyric added by: JpopAsia

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