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Vocal: Hitomi (MALICE MIZER (roadie) → Alicia → Le'cheri → Fatima → Moran)
Guitar: Sizna (GARNET → Sugar → Moran)
Guitar: vivi (Rey la EstRellA → DragonWAPPPPPPER → Moran → now in [url=http...

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Vocal: Hitomi (MALICE MIZER (roadie) → Alicia → Le'cheri → Fatima → Moran)
Guitar: Sizna (GARNET → Sugar → Moran) [joined on August 20th 2010]
Guitar: vivi (Rey la EstRellA → DragonWAPPPPPPER → Moran → now in Dezert) [joined on June 9th 2012]
Bass: Ivy (Grevious → DIORemming → Moran) [joined on June 9th 2012]
Drums: Soan (Lure+Selene → RusH → Fatima → Moran)

former members:
Guitar: Velo (ex-Silhouette, haikrara, DIMMDIVISION) [left in November 2009]
Bass: Zill [passed away on July 23th 2010]


Vocals: Hitomi
Favorite food: Jap. Rice, Chuuka Soba (Soba cooked the chinese way) ; Shrimp tempura, Soft tofu, Tuna, Croquettes, Döner kebab, Chocolate
Favorite drink: SKYY BLUE, BAYLEYS, Kagome's yasai seikatsu, Welch's Grape Juice
Favorite colors: black, gold, almost white pale-pink, pale-green, pale-yellow
Cigarette: Hitomi doesn't smoke
Inspiration Words
M inority What must be denied by the majority, is what can't fit into the environment. Be like yourself, just that way.
O rgasm You ask, if I get this on stage? At least it finally ends there. to be.
R egret Sunset, backlight, the 1,2 meters distance to you
A rm Maybe - no, for sure they have this perfect length for embracing another human
N ight I can't help it, but it seems like I love it, no matter where I go or what I do.


Guitar: Sizna
Inspiration Words
M ode(r*)n I want to try new aproches instead of focussing on the good, old things.
O Zero. As zero I want to change they way people understand things.
R ecording is the hard disk I make, on which everything from the past is saved
A ugment Layering major third one by one is (called*) Augment = Layering positive minor thrid is one by one called Diminish = Feels like the step of the negative core
N ame The way you call people is their destiny. Sometimes you have more than one.


Drums: Soan
Favorite food: Chuuka Ramen (at my favorite shops), fish grilled in salt, Jap. food, stawberries
Favorite drink: chilled beer, Smirnoff ICE, Umeshu, Yasai seikatsu (purple)
Favorite colors: black, silver, brown, blue, white, etc.
Cigarette: Pianissimo One
Inspiration Words
M onotone I want to start something new. Nothing will start, if I'm just going with the trends.
O asis is the time necessary to breath in order to change. For me it's playing the piano, sleeping or also having some drinks.
R un is one of the oversea bands I like. I like their flow.
A dagio It's important to proceed slowly. Running as well as proceeding slowly are all 'Step by Step'
N ew We live in a world, where new things keep being born in contrast to the good old things, that we may not forget. I feel that both are important and have their reasons.


Former members:
Bass: Zill

Guitar: Velo

Moran is a rock band from Tokyo, Japan that was founded in December 2007 and started activities in March 2008.

The band’s lineup originally consisted of Hitomi (aka Sanaka/Kanoma, ex-Fatima) on vocals, Velo on guitar, Zill on bass (aka Saburo, ex-KuRt), and Soan (aka Towa, ex-Fatima) on drums. Moran released their first single, Element, on June 25, 2008 and a second single, 目下の泥濘, the following month.

Guitarist Velo, officially left on November 2009 after Moran’s last oneman tour before their hiatus, 「Freeze」. In 2010, Moran planned to make a comeback from their hiatus with a new guitarist, SIZNA (ex. Sugar), but bassist Zill suddenly passed away on July 23, just a few weeks before Moran’s first live with SIZNA on August 9. On August 20, SIZNA’s birthday, Moran officially announced that SIZNA has joined as a new permanent member.Moran officially “unfreezes” from their hiatus on December 24, 2010, marked with their oneman live, titled,「Awake」. On March 23, 2011, the band will release a mini-album of new and previously unreleased songs composed by Zill, titled, 「Apples」.


•2009/03/18 『Helpless(DVD)』

•2008/11/12 『kimi to i ta gosenfu (DVD)』

•2008/07/23 『mokka no deinei』

•2008/06/25 『Element』

Heroine (July 22, 2009)
Apples (March 23, 2011) · close

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  • Posted by Hateof9hearts · 704 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I love moran.
    Hitomi has such an amazing voice.
    I always get excited to see new songs and releases from them.
    I discovered this band right before Zill died TT.TT
    Zill was awesome at the bass. I miss him in the band.
    The band is still great with just Hitomi, Soan, and Sizna though.
    It just doesn't seem right sometimes with out Zill's bass lines sometimes.
    Anyways, I also loved Hitomi's old band Fatima. <3
    They were a great band as well. XD

  • Posted by pinktopaz · 2,083 Jpops · 1461 shares · 5 years ago  

    I love Moran very very very much!!! (♥_♥)

    I love you Hitomi! (。・ω・。) ♥♥
    I love you Soan! (。・ω・。) ♥♥
    I love you Sizna! (。・ω・。) ♥♥

    Moran, I love the style of your music. Your lyrics are beautifully written and your music wonderfully composed. Please never disband. It must have been tough with the death of Zill but I am happy Moran did not disband. Please stay positive and continue to create more music to share with your fans. Please keeping moving forward. ♥

About Moran

Band nameMoran
Band typevisual kei band (5 members)
Debut25 December, 2007 (disbanded)
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