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Yellow Pansy Street by Kanjani8 +lyrics

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  •  - Kanjani8
    Rating 24
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    Yellow Pansy Street
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    16 April, 2011
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    78% upbeat  7% funny  5% energetic  3% relaxing  
Expected release next PV: 3 months ago
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Lyric added by: just4lizzy
"Shiawasette nan darou?" tte kikareta Nante kotaereba ii!?
"Yasashisatte nan darou?" tte kikareta Kimi wo omou Sunny days!!

Deatte wakarete itazura sugiru Kisetsu wo aruite mo
Yume no you ni nukumori dake wa Kono te no naka wasureyashinainda

Nee kimi ga naitenai ka naitenai ka shinpai da Kinou toori zoi no PANJII ga saita yo
Kimi ga naiteinai ga boku ga shinpai shiteirutte Moshi shitta nara KUSUtto warau darou

"Kekkyoku shiawasette nan na no?" tte kangaeta Sonna hanashikunai!!
Itsuka kono basho de mou ichido aetara Kitto suremo Happiness!!

Tadashi dake ja warikireyashinai Genjitsu ni kowaku kedo
Futari chikatta kotoba ga areba Kurai ashita mo mayoi wa shinainda

Nee boku wa naiteinai yo naiteinai yo honto sa Demo donna kao de kotaeba iin da yo?
Kimi to kawashita kaiwa nante omoidashite Ano koro no you ni PUPUtto warattenda

Fuan ya kanashimi no mae de Utsumuiteru nara
Itsudemo kaketsukeyou

Nee uroko kumo no sukima kara sasu hikari ga Myou ni ureshikute tachidomaru yo
Kimi to boku wo tsunaida sen ga donna iro datte Zutto taisetsu na unmei ni ainai

Kimi ga naiteinai ga naiteinai ka shinpai da Kinou toori xoi no PANJII ga saita yo
Kimi ga naiteinai ka boku ga shinpai shiteirutte Moshi shittanara KUSUtto warau darou

Lyric added by: just4lizzy
Lyric added by: just4lizzy
「幸せってなんだろう?」って聞かれた なんて答えれば良い!?
「優しさってなんだろう?」って聞かれた 君を想う Sunny days!!

出会って別れていたずらに過ぎる 季節を歩いても
夢のように温もりだけは この手のなか忘れやしないんだ

ねぇ君が泣いていないか泣いていないか心配だ きのう通り沿いのパンジーが咲いたよ
君が泣いていないか僕が心配しているって もししったならクスッと笑うだろう

「結局幸せってなんなの?」って考えた そんな離しくない!!
いつかこの場所でもう一度逢えたら きっとすれもHappiness!!

正しさだけじゃ割り切れやしない 現実に戸惑けど
ふたり誓った言葉があれば 暗い明日も迷いはしないんだ

ねぇ僕は泣いていないよ泣いていないよ本当さ でもどんな顔で笑えば良いんだよ?
君と交わした会話なんて思い出して あの頃のようにププッと笑ってんだ

不安や悲しみの前で うつむいてるなら

ねぇうろこ雲の隙間から差す光が 妙に嬉しくて立ち止まるよ
君と僕をつないだ線がどんな色だって ずっと大切な運命に逢いない

君が泣いていないか泣いていないか心配だ きのう通り沿いのパンジーが咲いたよ
君が泣いていないか僕が心配しているって もし知ったならクスッと笑うだろう

Lyric added by: just4lizzy
Lyric added by: taikasana
You asked me, "What is happiness?", should I tell you such a thing?
If you ask me "What is gentleness?", it's the sunny days I think of you

Taunted by our frequent meetings and partings, I'm going through the seasons
This dreamlike warmth in my hands is the only thing I can never forget

Hey, aren't you crying? Aren't you crying? I'm worried for you
The pansies on the street we passed yesterday have bloomed
Aren't you crying? I'm saying I'm worried for you
If I only knew, I wonder if you would have smiled and laughed for me

I thought, "So what is happiness after all?", it's not that difficult of a thing
If someday I could see you again here in this place, surely that would be happiness

The truth is the only thing I can't explain properly, I'm confused by reality
But as long as the vow we made is still there, a dark and doubtful tomorrow will never come

Hey, I'm not crying, I'm really not crying
But what kind of expression can I laugh with?
I still remember the conversation we had
Like that time you couldn't help but laugh

If we look back beyond all our worry and sadness
We've always been running forward

Hey, light is peering through the cracks in the scaly clouds
Feeling suddenly happy, I stopped to see
No matter what color the path connecting us has become
This important destiny will never change

Aren't you crying? Aren't you crying? I'm worried for you
The pansies on the street we passed yesterday have bloomed
Aren't you crying? I'm saying I'm worried for you
If I only knew, I wonder if you would have smiled and laughed for me

Lyric added by: taikasana


  • Posted by Rizin04 · 5,976 Jpops · 85 shares · 3 years ago  

    I really enjoyed this song.

  • Posted by cnidaria2jin · 2,932 Jpops · 78 shares · 5 years ago  

    i love K8:)

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 5 years ago  


  • Posted by BalouChan · 243 Jpops · 70 shares · 5 years ago  


  • Posted by shadownights99 · 1,212 Jpops · 80 shares · 5 years ago  

    mun no video :(

  • Posted by Tokeya · 2,231 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    i can't watch the mv that long time ago

  • Posted by cheza213 · 169 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    I sooo like this song....ryo is well as okura..and the song is very happy!!!! <3

  • Posted by Stradivarius · 235 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Love it ^^

  • Posted by hungryant · 212 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    This will be perfect if Yoko also has solo part.

  • Posted by Zeeppo · 378,488 Jpops · 213 shares · 5 years ago  

    grump grump the video is missing.

  • Posted by tibcsubacsi · 191 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    not for me . 2 stars

  • Posted by pitot89 · 2,815 Jpops · 58 shares · 5 years ago  

    noooooooo where's the video?????????????

  • Posted by ayumikaren · 2,999 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    hahaha ..
    i love the song . :)

  • Posted by Pigknuckles89 · 1,606 Jpops · 26 shares · 5 years ago  

    they're playing instruments again! yay!
    I'm so glad about this new release...

    can't say anything else except: I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

    <3 <3 <3

  • Posted by naniealteredness · 347 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    the type of song i want to drive away to... :)

  • Posted by dalili · 4,463 Jpops · 13 shares · 5 years ago  

    yay~!! so damn happy now, they're back with new pv~!! hee~ i love this one... sounds sooo much like kanjani8~~!!! XD XD XD

  • Posted by pitot89 · 2,815 Jpops · 58 shares · 5 years ago  

    Oh yes! finally. i've been waiting for a new song.
    this one is nicer than the last one.
    Ryo-chan still sure looks the same... for a moment i actually thought hiroki was back because of their hair styles.
    i definitely love this song!!!!!!

  • Posted by Daylady1028 · 1,566 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Interesting song, but I yearn for their glory days of 08' and 09. >_<

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