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Baby Love by Humming Urban Stereo +lyrics

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  •  - Humming Urban Stereo
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    Baby Love
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    1 February, 2007
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    89% upbeat  11% relaxing  
Expected release next PV: 10 months ago
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Lyric added by: Saturn
Baby love look at me
Look at me, I'm so cool
Oh baby love tell me
Don't cherish it, say that you love me

Baby love I love you
I love you too, kiss me
Oh baby love, take good care of me
Take good care of me, I'm yours

Please quit smoking, I want us to live for a long time
You can't leave me first

Don't lose too much weight
Until your black hair becomes bald
I'll hold you

One More Deep Kiss
One More Hot Night
One more time bye bye bye bye no no no
Promise Don't Say Goodbye
Don't Say See ya
Don't leave me bye my single life

Baby love your tummy's starting to stick out
You have a belly, you must be pregnant
Baby love do you hear me
You'll probably hear me out, not fall in love with you

Baby love, you're so pretty
It looks good on you, you're hair's pretty
Baby love did you figure it out
I'm caught, truth is it's not that great

baby love
baby love
baby love
baby baby
baby love
baby love
baby love
baby baby
baby love
baby love
baby love
baby baby
baby love
baby love
baby love
baby baby
(this is the end)
(so have a good night)
(or good morning)
(somebody asks me)
(what is love)
(love is)
(I don't know but)
(I'm in love with u)
Lyric added by: Saturn

About Humming Urban Stereo

Band nameHumming Urban Stereo
Band typeband (1 members)
Debut2004 (active)
LabelPastel Music
Official website
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