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BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER by Big Bang +lyrics

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  •  - Big Bang
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    24 August, 2010
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    83% upbeat  7% energetic  7% sexy  3% touching  
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Lyric added by: lovingyou4ever
Kimi wa my beautiful hangover
Hangover yeah
Kimi wa my beautiful hangover, hangover

Kagayaku headlight nemuranai machi e ARE YOU READY?
Koko kara ga shoubu ASE-razu ni genkai made zenkai de ikou!
Nagareru RADIO chijimeru kyori yo OH OH OH
Yukisaki wa mada ienai yo

We're gonna get down down down!
Gimme love love love!
Sagashi motometeta Lady
Dare ni motomerarenai MAKING LOVE kiga sumumate GO!

Kimi wa My Beautiful Hangover
Hangover yeah
Kimi wa my beautiful hangover hangover

It's me G.D (I know you love me)
Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma beautiful girl
1, 2, 3 to the 4-sho one like you
There ain't nobody can do them things you do
So true
I'm so excited delighted
I won't deny it nor fight it
Baby you got what I need

Got me jumpin' jumpin' off my feet

Baby there's no playin' delayin'
Always got me feelin' that healin'
Everyday I'm smilin' and wildin'
When I think about you
Think about you
Got me flyin' so high'n
And I won't stop bringin' and bringin' that (BANG)

B.I.G (BANG! ) T.O.P (BANG! )
Baby that's how it be

We're gonna get down down down!
Gimme love love love! Sagashi motometeta LADY
Dare ni motomerarenai MAKING LOVE honoo no yo ni atsuku

Kimi wa my beautiful hangover
Hangover yeah
Kimi wa my beautiful hangover hangover

You got my heart love game
Make me crazy baby
Kiss my lips kuruwa se 360
Lyric added by: lovingyou4ever
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  • Posted by AlanaArchuleta · 1,600 Jpops · 1 shares · 2 years ago  

    Niceeeeee :D

  • Posted by Eazy1995 · 176 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    After so long, This song is still in my playlist XD

  • Posted by KarinaLY · 4,132 Jpops · 27 shares · 4 years ago  

    君はmy beautiful hangover (^-^)v

  • Posted by GersonKun · 220 Jpops · 4 years ago  

    I can't understand what's been done here! The Best Of Big Bang had Big Bang's biggest japanese hits with lyrics in Japanese, everything was fine, but then "lovingyou4ever" had to come and do this horrible and stupid mess on their page here on JPopAsia. Why did you put these dumb romaji lyrics written on your own? Already hate you ¬¬'

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