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the beautiful name by A9 +lyrics

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  •  - A9
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    the beautiful name
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    13 January, 2009
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Lyric added by: NissyLov3r
Credits: dracolicious13 @ lj

Seijaku no yoru o koete
Wakachiaeru mono ga aru
Dakara ima te o sashinobe
Kago no naka o mitsumeteru

Kaze wa hanayaka ni haru noshirabe o kanade

Sekai no owari de sagashite itta
Taisetsu na mono wa tada hitotsu
Onsoku wo koete tokei de hora
Toki sae mo hitsuyounai sa

Bokutachi wa aru kizutsuke
Toki ni mayoitsura chigau
Dakara ima uta o okurou
Todoke taitose muku you ni

Ginga wa kagaya ite kokoro o
Uchi nuku tobe azayaka ni

Taiyou o no aosa tenshi no torrent
Kawarazuri itai kono omoi
Onaji fuukei ni PIANO mo nosete
Mata koko de kimi ni aitai

Kanau nara negawasetekure
Wasurete shimau mae ni
Ikutsumono naku ni ai no naka de
Ima kimi no na o yobou!

Earth of silence
Confused universe
Graced the beautiful name
(And i sing) buzz love song

Sekai no owari de sagashitetta mono wa
Owaranai ashita e no sanka
Nakushita kakera o mume awasu youni
Ima koko de kimi no na o yobou.
Hanaretemo dokoka no kimi e
Hanaretemo dokoka no kimi e...
Lyric added by: NissyLov3r
Lyric added by: NissyLov3r
静寂の夜を越えて 分ち合える物がある
だから今 手を差し伸べ 籠の中を見つめてる

風は華やかに 春の調べを奏で

世界の終わりで 探していた
大切な物は 只、ひとつ。
音速を超えて 融け合えば、ほら

僕達は歩き続け 時に迷い、すれ違う。
だから今 歌を贈ろう 解けた糸紡ぐように

銀河は輝いて 心を打ち抜く


太陽の碧さ 天使のパレード
変わらずにいたい この想い

叶うなら 願わせてくれ




Earth of silence
Confused universe
Graced the beautiful name
(And I sing) buzz love song

世界の終わりで 探していたものは


離れても 何処かのきみへ
Lyric added by: NissyLov3r
Lyric added by: NissyLov3r
There is a thing that passes the silent night
Therefore I now reach out my hand
And look into the cage

The wind brilliantly plays the melody of spring

There's just a single thing that's important
I've been searching for it at the end of the world
When overcoming the speed of sound
And melting together with it, look
Even time is not necessary

We keep walking,
Sometimes we hesitate,
We pass each other.
Therefore I will now
Give you a song
In order to spin the loosened thread

The milky-way is glittering
And pierces my heart
Jump, vividly

The dark blue color of the sun,
The parade of angels
I want to be without changing
These feelings
I want to place the piano on top of the same scenery
And meet you again there

If it can come true
Then make me wish
Before I forget
Inside of these uncountable unexpected meetings
I will now shout out your name

Earth of silence
Confused universe.
Graced the beautiful name
(And I sing) Buzz love song

What I've been searching for at the end of the world
Was the hymn towards an unending tomorrow
In order to make up for the pieces I've lost
I now scream out your name here
Even if we're separated,
To you, who lives somewhere

Lyric added by: NissyLov3r


  • Posted by lanea332 · 161 Jpops · 2 years ago  

    This is such a beautiful creative song!

  • Posted by Bellasmatte · 1,792 Jpops · 237 shares · 3 years ago  

    this was a great song. really like it!

  • Posted by Rizin04 · 5,976 Jpops · 85 shares · 3 years ago  

    I really enjoyed this song.

  • Posted by MonochromeMe · 852 Jpops · 5 shares · 5 years ago  

    energetic <3

  • Posted by BanKai2011 · 164 Jpops · 5 years ago  

    Alice Nine is such a cool V-Kei band :gasp:.....>.<.....<3..... O:) ---- I'm going to watch all their vids

  • Posted by Heckran · 24 Jpops · 5 shares · 5 years ago  

    Alice Nine is just genius ;)

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