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Lemon by Alice Nine +lyrics

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  •  - Alice Nine
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    13 October, 2007
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Lyric added by: sakurambo20
Anytime mitsumeteta toshioita konoha ga kareochiru hibi wo
Itsuka wa ano kigi mo kono boku no you ni kuchihatete yuku no ka...

Before long yatte kita kyou to iu hi ga omukae no hi sa
Kokoro nokori wa anata ni "aishiteru" to ienakatta koto...

Aa shikakui mado no soto anata ga ima
Aa dokoka de waratte kuretereba...

Ame ga kokoro wo misukashite hakonda mizu wa
Tooi, tooi, boukyaku ni, oitekita omoi
"Doushite" ano toki, ienakatta no ka wakaranai
"Doushite" gimon wa kurai yami de boku wo tsutsunda

Shinkoku naru jikan no keika

Saa omukae sa Kami-sama ni negau naraba
Anata ni anata ni hitome demo...

(But, I was never seen)

Kareta kokoro wa hibiwarete anata wo motome
Nagai, nagai nemuri sae atatakai you de

Haruka kanata de kikoeteta koukai no uta wa
Tooi, tooi, yasuragi ni oitekita omoi
"Doushite" ano toki, ienakatta no ka wakaranai
Kasunda shikai wa saigo no sugata kesenai Lemon.
Lyric added by: sakurambo20
Lyric added by: BlackRoseWitch
Anytime 見つめた 年老いた木の葉が枯れ落ちる日々を
いつかは あの木々も この僕のように朽ち果ててゆくのか…。

Before long やってきた 今日という日が お迎えの日さ
心残りは 貴方に 「愛してる」と言えなかった 事…

あぁ 四角い窓の外 あなたが今
あぁ どこかで 笑って呉れてれば…

雨が 心を 見透かして 運んだ水は
遠い、遠い、忘却に 置いてきた想い
「どうして」 あの時、言えなかったのか 解らない
「どうして」 疑問は 暗い闇で 僕を包んだ


さあ お迎えさ 神様に 願うならば
あなたに 貴方に 一目でも…。

(But, I was never seen)

枯れた 心は ひび割れて 貴方を求め
永い、永い 眠りさえ 温かいようで

遥か 彼方で 聞こえてた 後悔の詩は
遠い、遠い、安らぎに 置いてきた想い
「どうして」 あの時、言えなかったのか 解らない
霞んだ 視界は 最期の姿、消せない檸檬。,alice_nine,lemon__kanji_.html
Lyric added by: BlackRoseWitch
Lyric added by: BlackRoseWitch
Anytime, the days of gazing at the leaves of the aged tree wither and fall
Someday, are all those trees are going to wither away as well, like myself...

Before long, the day called today came along, the day of meeting
My regret is that of being unable to say 'I love you' to you...

Aaah, now you're outside the square window
Aaah, somewhere, you're smiling for someone...

The rain sees through my heart, the water that moved
Far away, far away, the thoughts that were put into the forgotten memories
"Why?" At that time, I don't understand why I was unable to say it
"Why?" The question enfolds me in the shady darkness

-The time, during which the condition worsens, passes-

Now, the meeting; If I could make a wish to God
A glimpse of you, of you, but...

[but, I was never seen]

The withered heart is cracked, wishing for you
Even the long, long sleep seems warm*

In the distance, on the other side, the poem of regret can be heard
Far away, far away, the thoughts that were put into tranquility
"Why?" At that time, I don't understand why I was unable to say it
The last figure in the hazy field of vision was the lemon that can't be erased.

Translator's Note:
*Due to the vague nature of the noun 'you', an alternative translation could be "If only the long, long sleep, in the warm early death".
Lyric added by: BlackRoseWitch


  • Posted by Bellasmatte VIP · 102,224 Jpops · 236 shares · 2 years ago  

    awesome song! :)

    Missing Central Heating System! :P
  • Posted by Rizin04 · 5,976 Jpops · 85 shares · 2 years ago  

    I really enjoyed this song.

  • Posted by maonyanyan · 765 Jpops · 4 years ago  


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