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gretxen is a girl who signed up 5 years ago. She owns just 103 Jpops and was last seen here about 3 years ago

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About me

Well, well, well.... I'm fom Estonia, I was born here, but I come from a russian family :RBstickout: I speak russian, estonian, english and a bit german :)
I think I'm very talkative and always ready to make new friends( :RBblush: everyone is welcome)... I'm really interested in Asian culture, language and music :RBhalo: I wish I knew japanese, chinese and korean ;) Maybe one day :laughing:

My favorite artists and albums

The world of Asian Music is sooo BIG... :D But if I have to choose then...
So, I decided to watch Taiwanese version of HanaKimi and loved it :RBheart: I looked up information on main cast and found out that Jiro and Wu Chun are in the same band :RBhalo: I listened to Chu Shen Ru Hua, :lovec: fell in love with it... And now I am totally crazy about them :nod:

When I understood I like japanese music, I wanted to find some great band and my friends on the forum suggested I check out Kat-Tun :high5: Thank you very much, guys :giggle: Oh, their songs Moon, Pierrot, Rescue, Sadistic Love...and so on are :RBheart: I'm always listening to them :laughing: (especially great is Rescue MV :RBohNo: the dance moves :boogie: )

One great person gave me a link on youtube to Naniwa Iro wa Bushi video :shocked:
That was it for me :no: Now my mp3player is filled with their songs :lovec: Great enka sound :D I would also recommend listening to Misetekure, Kanfuu Fighting, Kiss,... :RBkiss: :RBheart:

Once upon a time I was watching Maou :RBhot: And I said: "Wow, Ohno Satoshi is soo cool :lovec:! And the opening theme is amazing! :nod:" Now in my music folder there is one folder called Arashi :embarassed: Thank you Truth and Crazy Moon PV ;)

Orange Range
I think I should have probably placed them first on my list, since it's thanks to them I'm addicted to Jmusic :giggle: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e opening song Ikenai Taiyo made me fall in love with asian music :crying: Arigatou!!! :RBohNo: I think their songs are full of energy and make me feel all active again, if I'm tired :nod:

I honestly don't remember how I got their song on my playlist :RBfrown: , but Teppen was already there, when I just got interested in this band :confused: Since I really like Ikuta Toma, I was reading about him and saw that his best friend is Yamapi, who sings in a band called NewS... :RBstickout: Now there is more than just Teppen on my playlist :laughing:

Mmm.. It was just a random search that lead me to them :) I really like their PVs :RBstickout: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Your Seed are so cool :lovec: I like singing along to them :RBhot:

Heh :RBhalo: It's what watching Brown Sugar Macchiato has done to me :shocked: After that I could only say Wang Zi :lovec: for a few days :no: awful, awful, awful :RBblush: And that not so long ago released 'I Am Legend' is soo cool, really hot :RBohNo:

Big Bang
I just can't keep on writing about japanese and taiwanese stars :madc: What if korean ones would feel left alone?! :RBcrying: I got to know this band on JPA :high5: Thank you so much :RBhalo: Their sound just boosts my mood :boogie: All of their PVs are so professionally made :RBheart: I always feel like dancing :boogie: while listening to them. And I can't not mention that TOP is HoT :RBhot: :lovec: My current favourite song is Haru Haru :RBcrying: :crying:

Just once I wanted to hear how Korean sounds, so I searched for popular korean bands and they were the first onces on the list :laughing: I find their sound refreshing :sneeze: yeah, true... I didn't see much of their PVs I think :embarassed: hm.. or they just didn't fell into my mind, but I do enjoy listening to them :lovec: Rising Sun is an amazing song, I never get bored of it :jangel:

Super Junior
Finally the last band I'm gonna add for now, but definetly not the least important:wink:. Then again thank you JPA for introducing me to this band :nod: I love songs Happiness and Sorry,Sorry... :D But nothing is better than Rokkugoh, since no matter what mood I'm in, I start laughing just hearing the first 5 seconds :laughing:

How do I spend my free time

So to say, I'm a music addicted person :RBconfused: I even sleep listening to something...
Let alone that, I always sit hugging my computer :RBhalo: getting crazy looking for something interesting, reading mangas and watching dramas(especially J and T ones :nod:)But that doesn't mean I'm a sit-at-home type :no: I'm a never-get-enough-sleep type :RBstickout: During day time I'm a normal person meeting my fiends, going out and stuff... But as soon as night comes I turn into a crazy Asia fanatic :RBconfused:
Thank you JPA for letting me fill my nights with collecting jpops and forgetting what pillow looks like :RBkiss:
Oh, btw, I also enjoy doing all kinds of sports.. like jogging, playing volleyball and basketball, swimming and... stuff like that :D

My favorite movies

Those incule Twilight, Transformers, The Dark Knight.... Well, I go to the cinema for every movie :D

My favorite series

Since I really enjoy reading manga, I'm going to write about my favourites here :D
Hot Blooded Woman
I know it's manhwa, but still, can't I use word manga? :RBblush: I've reread it more than 3 times already :RBhalo: I love the main charater, she's so powerful, active, full of life energy and really naive :lovec: Love line is also charming :RBblush:

Death Note
This is a manga, which everyone just has to read. :RBcrying: No words can explain how much I love it.. :crying: My chest hurts even remembering it... Kira u are so great, why did it have to end like this :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: *sob* Well, I liked Light Yagami the most as you could have understood, at least from the living once.. :RBheart: Because Ryuk is true :lovec: :nod:

Love Hina
:boogie: :laughing: I think I laughed at every page while reading it...heh.. It's just filled with positivity, main characters are lovely and sooo funny :D I like rereading it when I'm in a bad mood.. so if you ver feel depressed just find these :D

Hana Yori Dango
I seriously never, NEVER get tired of reading it :RBhalo: It is so funny and soo romantic :lovec: :lovec: You just can not support Makino Tsukushi all the way through the pages and I find Domyoji extremly lovely :RBheart:

;) Of course these are not the only favourite ones I have.. But I just can't keep writing about every manga I like :RBfrown: It would take too much space :RBblush:

Things I like

I love reading manga, all kinds of it. Well, i guess, shoujo the most :RBheart:

Things I dislike

People, who say the hate Asia :RBveryAngry: , or say it's stupid to like it :RBangry: (yeah, I met those kind of people :RBconfused: ) Meet new Asian friends! Over 2,000,000 members!

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