Your Own Definition of Love

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6yr ago
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permalink Ok... me and my friends have different views regarding love and because of this I want to know other people's view on love, because everyone has different opinions, ideas and definitions of love...
I want to know what your definition is! so what is your own definition of Love?

6yr ago
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permalink Love is understanding. As simple as that. Also care and support are very important. But the most important is understanding.

6yr ago
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permalink Love is just a word, until someone's come along to give meaning to it! <3

6yr ago
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permalink hahah, nice :)

6yr ago
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permalink thanks! hehe. :)

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink Love has different meanings to each person. It's hard to define.
I think Love is understanding, caring and maybe even being able to relate. I'm not sure.

6yr ago
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permalink Love is love. Love does not need a reason. They are just there ~ :)

6yr ago
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permalink love is something you express, not say it.

6yr ago
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permalink You need to be able to accept the person you love.
If you're ready for almost anything to make the person you love happy, well i guess that's one thing.
Looks doesnt matter, if you love ones personality, ones soul, then nothing else truly matters.

6yr ago
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permalink love can only be share when u know how to love urself

6yr ago
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permalink love is something experienced between two ppl who care about each other

6yr ago
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permalink Love is understanding someone and not trying to change them ...

6yr ago
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permalink Love is an action, love means you will do anything and everything for that one special person. ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Love is happiness. It's being able to express who you are and being accepted by your other half :D It's being able to have fun, without having further obligations like sex. Just enjoying your time as a couple without pressure.

6yr ago
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permalink Love is the product of a chain reaction, the chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion, designed specifically to overwhelm logic and reason.

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink For me it is is like when someone annoys you and even makes you mad but you can't find it in you to hate them no matter what they've done because you can't imagine your life without them since they are what makes you smile. It's not subject to a dictionarial definition you just know it.

5yr ago
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permalink Love is an unexplained feeling
sometimes you just can't a reason why you love this person
but you do

5yr ago
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permalink To really care for someone. I think that's the only answer I really have.
It doesn't matter if it's romantic love, or love between friends and family.

5yr ago
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permalink Love is something you can share with someone without having second thoughts about it, someone who is prepared to protect, trust, and make you happy and also cares about you :)

5yr ago
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permalink love is sharing ^^

5yr ago
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permalink Love is unexplainable. Love is something great. We can show love to others by helping or being there for them when they are in trouble. Love can be an affection we give to someone that we like. Love helps us to be strong and continue to move forward. Love can also be bad. Love can cause us pain like heartbreak. Love is perfect though because even through all that pain we knew how love felt. Love is something that can't be put to words but shown through actions. Love is constantly telling others that you are there for them and you will do everything in you power to keep them happy and not to let them worry.
I guess this quote from the Bible can better describe what love is

"4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

5yr ago
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permalink love? i dont know, haha

5yr ago
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permalink Love is a thing that varies in meaning depending on the person who defines/experiences it. Hahaha.

For me, love is... Happiness? ^^ ♥

3yr ago
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permalink I think love involves comfort, affection, strength, trust, and honesty
The people have to be able to work through difficulties and differences and still want to stay by one another's side and protect each other and heal together

3yr ago
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permalink Love is a very elusive and multifaceted concept~ love isn't something that can be put into words, but rather through actions and emotions.

The best definition I can offer based on what I've experienced is that love means to be able to fully understand the person for who they are regardless of their own shortcomings and differences. You trust that person and you feel safe with that person. You are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for that person as long as they feel happy and that they know you're always there with them when things go horribly wrong. You build each other up and you make one another stronger. There is always pain, there is always suffering, but in the end, you know it's all worth it because something wonderful always comes out of it.

3yr ago
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permalink I think love is waking up in the morning, flipping through your memories, and smiling because certain people make you smile and your heart warm, but hurt like you pricked her finger on a needle. Falling in love with the way they act because they are showing you reality and not fakeness.

2yr ago
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permalink Love only cause pain, suffering and loneliness. The more we love someone and cares for someone, we expect the same from them. And if they turn us down we fell that we are betrayed and we suffer.. As simple as that

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