What Song You Love to Listen Before But Now Only Make You Sad?

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4yr ago
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permalink What Song You Love to Listen Before But Now Only Make You Sad? Maybe you can state the reason too. I hope this topic never created somewhere. :)

4yr ago
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permalink hurmm there's one song but i forgot the title ahaha.. for some reason it only reminds me of those time that i want to forget

4yr ago
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permalink i used to like the songs from high school musical but not anymore..

4yr ago
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permalink Backstreet Boys - Perfect fan
before when i was listening this song nothing was happened.....now every time i listen i start to cry....don`t know why....but i cry very very much...that`s why i don`t listen anymore this song when i travel

4yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

4yr ago
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4yr ago
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permalink This one! T_T

4yr ago
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permalink Well, it use to "Taion" by Gazetto, but I actually enjoy it now (if that doesn't sound insensitive).
Its also kinda "Aoi Tori" by D=Out... I listened to it at the wrong time and uhh yeah...

4yr ago
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permalink Gackt - Last Song
Fall out boy - Thanks for the memories
RED - Pieces

4yr ago
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permalink none... :p

4yr ago
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permalink I guess that would be You and I by Park Bom.

3yr ago
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permalink I used to like Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift and I realized just how pathetic it was. Hahaha

3yr ago
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permalink LIGHTNING by lynch. I don't really want to go into too much detail but it just played in the wrong place at the wrong time and got an unfortunate association attached to it

3yr ago
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permalink Stay With Me - You Me At Six

2yr ago
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permalink This particular song will have to be 'Carrie' by Europe.

They're a good band and the song is good but it brought back awful, awful memories from a few years ago when we realized that we are not meant to be. Then again, this event also ruined my interest of Europe's songs for the most part as well. So I moved on and never looked back. Never listened to another one of their songs again after that.

2yr ago
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permalink Snow Flakes by X4..
It was a beutiful song and has been one of my fav but after that day it turn out to be one of the saddest that I can't listen to..

2yr ago
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permalink There are too many song like that...

2yr ago
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permalink Haru Haru - Big Bang for me. That song holds so many memories from me... from this site and from the girls I like. Too many memories...

2yr ago
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permalink MISSING by SuG

2yr ago
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permalink Regina Spektor - The Call
The Script - Man On A Wire
Hu Xia - Those Bygone Years :(
5566 - Wo Nanguo
7!! - Orange (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso ending) :( :(

3mo ago
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permalink low-key tadow by masego bc it reminds me of someone but Im still jamming to it

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