What kind of collections do you have?

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8yr ago
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permalink Easy question...Well is there anything you collect? Just tell then ^^

Well I collect Swarovski figures... manly bears... Right now I have 16 figures ... 8 bears (a complet collection), 3 other bears(of another collection) 2 flowers, a butterfly, a bug and a cake

I collect baby socks ... Worn baby socks ... Well I find a lot of them on the streets ... It seems that a ot of babys loose their socks xD Of course I have socks of my nephew and my niece aswell as all my younger cousins *q* Well I don't know exactly how many I have but I'd say 20 to 25 xD

And then I collect CG sets of visual novels ... I don't know why exactly... I just love collecting them... I have 73 sets right now... I had about 150 sets but then I had to reset my PC and all of my sets where gone q.q Then I had to start from the beginning ... (BTW there is hentai in those sets (most of them) nyah and I collected them since I was sixteen xDD Perverted JuJu)

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permalink I collect Pokemon Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh GX cards. Also i collect stuff animals :3

8yr ago
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permalink Nyah Stuff animals are nice ... I've collected them aswell *q* But I'm a little bit allergic against dust ...So I can't have to much in my room...

When I was little I collected Pokemon aswell ... Hach that were great times ^.^

8yr ago
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permalink I used to collect fliers, jewelry, stickers and rocks, but now, I collect nuthin. :RBcrying:[edit]Last edit by candiipanzz on Monday 26 Oct, 2009 at 17:38 -92%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink I collect books. there are all kind of books that I collect. There are mystery novels like Robert B Parker. i suppose he would be considered a Priviate Eye Novels.

Well I am also collecting leather bound novels. I have a list of three hundred or so books that I want to collect. I am no where near where I need to be on that collection. I think I am going to put a list of them on my Blog or do a blog just for it. Well something like that anyway.

I am not sure if it is a collection. Still I have tons of history books. Of course I have a lot on American History especially around the Civil War and Second World Wars. i am also very interested in the early colonial periods. I have many books on Scottish History and I like Roman Imperial History. the republic is alright still I find the Empire more interesting for some reason.

8yr ago
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permalink i used to collect tags from clothes. weird, huh? anyway, i didn't have a large collection and i don't collect them anymore. i've realized they just...don't have any use. lolll

8yr ago
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Quote by kai09
i used to collect tags from clothes. weird, huh? anyway, i didn't have a large collection and i don't collect them anymore. i've realized they just...don't have any use. lolll

i used to do that too, kai! XD and i thought the same way like u did in the end hahaha

now, im collecting comic books, unique postcards, and movie tickets :RBhot:
im still doing it now :RBhalo:

edit: oh yeaaa im also collecting houses on JPA XDDD does it count? :RBstickout: [edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Tuesday 27 Oct, 2009 at 02:57 +19.5%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink When I was young i collected beer costers from bars, and really liked to collect Guiness things. I even stole glases from bars and stuff so i could get a big and nice collection ^^.. Now I cant say I collect anything since I dont have any space in my suitcase to take it with me but well in Japan I might just start to collect something funny or so I hope :D

8yr ago
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I collect anime figures.. :D
i now have 40 anime figures!! :D
really really love anime so it made me collect the very cute chibi figures.
I don't have much of the anime figures that are not chibi..
its most on the chibi characters..
and more on Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), and death note..

Ryuk's figure is really cute!! XD
I'd like to buy rem too..
I also have Vocaloid's Miku Hatsune.
Shana from Sakugan no Shana
and many other characters from different anime shows.

hmm.. I bought almost all of these with one blow.
didn't use my own money though. XD hahaha.
mom and dad bought all of it for me..

I want to have more and more and more anime figures!! XD
hahaha. how i wish we can buy living anime figures. XD
also, a living tora figure!!! waaaaaa!!!
and saga, shou, jun matsumoto, ninomiya kazunari, kiyoharu, ohno satoshi!!
waaaaaaaaaa.. that would slice of heaven if they could be collectible living chibi figures.. :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

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6yr ago
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permalink ahahha. i was just about to post that on your wall :)

6yr ago
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permalink and yes i hope so too. where are you from and what age? i also like miss a >_< suzzyy

8yr ago
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Quote by bluesweater

and movie tickets :RBhot:

Muah... I'm not really collecting them but I still have a lot xD I never throw them away ... They are in my purse ... and I go very oftent to the cinema so I have a lot of them

Quote by Azndramalover76


xD Well hum you should xD Its fun *q*

8yr ago
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permalink I collect music. xD Songs in my computer, mostly, but also the CD's of my favourite bands. Go me.

6yr ago
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permalink Me too actually. I am a big collector of music and not just Asian music either. I keep mine in a flashdrive and on my ipod. But for some Asian artists I like I keep the cds on a shelf. Nice to know I am not the only one!

5yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

8yr ago
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permalink i love to collect many many posters of all my fav band or artist.

8yr ago
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permalink I will seem little weird but I like to collect stones from the rives.These stones are carved & polished by the river so beautifully that I simply can't resist them.[edit]Last edit by Sachyn on Thursday 05 Nov, 2009 at 09:36 +4%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink Hehe I think It is nice to collect stones... Well when I was little I did collect strange colored or shaped stones... but I think children collect everything they can find... like feathers, stones, leafs, nuts, wood xD
Well a friend of mine collect stones from the place she wents to holiday every year... She allways takes a stone with her ... mostly one that is allmost perfectly round *q*

8yr ago
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permalink I collect clothes :RBheart: I just [i]love[/i] clothes, as soon as I get money I spend almost all of it on clothes.
I used to collect my empty cigarette cartons, yea I know it's totally useless, but I had to stop because I didn't have any room left in my room for other stuff :RBconfused:

8yr ago
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permalink Converse sneakers and Plushies! xD

8yr ago
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permalink Emmm My mother and brother collect stones, from the river and water...
I collect Gigs of program in my computer :joops:

8yr ago
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Quote by JustIronic
I collect music. xD Songs in my computer, mostly, but also the CD's of my favourite bands. Go me.

me too. music is ♥ :RBheart:
and pictures. i have thou~~~sands.
i bawled when my computer had to be formatted before. i lost so much music and pictures. :RBcrying:

8yr ago
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permalink When I was smaller, I used to collect Pokemon cards (good times, good times..), but then I kinda grew out of it :RBundecided: Well, now I'm collecting movie tickets and DVD:s :)

6yr ago
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permalink Hahaha !!!! Sorry ..... But that's how it is....... But I love them all and more than all my others fav idols so .... SS501 is still #1 in my heart :D Their songs can't never get old !!! I still love Fighter and Snow Prince LOL

8yr ago
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permalink Manga,Novel,and.......nothing else -_____-

8yr ago
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permalink I collect key chain and phone straps :D

I also have a huuuge collection of Shounen Club and Cartoon KAT-TUN shows in my laptop [size=9]Does that count? XD[/size]

8yr ago
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permalink I collect swords, comics, manga, yugioh cards, magic the gathering cards, and books[edit]Last edit by astroninja1 on Friday 13 Nov, 2009 at 03:04 +0%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink i collect manga, novel, movie ticket, and voucher card for cellphone ^^
in computer, i collect songs and wallpaper from anime and my idol...

8yr ago
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permalink I collect novels,and DVD's of my favorite shows and animes plus cute Japanese dolls like kimmi doll,and momiji dolls too(http://lovemomiji.com/)

as in my computer anime and pictures and wallpapers of my favorite artists :)

8yr ago
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permalink I collect any anime card games such as Pokemon, Dragon BallZ etc.
I also collect ties and belts ((:

8yr ago
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permalink For some reason, I can't bring myself to throw out ribbons~
But it does come in handy when I'm making cards. When birthdays or something come up, I make my cards out of the stuff I have ;)
I even have a box full of little patterned paper scraps or anything that I collect to make them

8yr ago
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permalink u will laugh...but :)) .. I colect stones and umbrellas...

8yr ago
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permalink i collect not so common japanese things :D
i have 5CDs, 2 DVDs and a japanese watch so far (you know these things arent available here, i had to order them)
but i have many "made in japan" common things too (pens, calculator..) :RBstickout:

8yr ago
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permalink I collect a lot of things! I have collections of hats,shoes,stuffed toys :shh: ,wallets,toys,watches,pets,money from different countries,lakers memorabillas,books,and shirts.

8yr ago
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permalink I collect different Japanese candy boxes, like different Pocky and rice candy boxes, and other small Oriental stuff, like chopsticks and yen, and Oriental-esque stuff, like Harajuku Lovers and Ed Hardy perfume.

8yr ago
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permalink i collect all of the mario games lol


i love to collect bags

and i have a book with sticks form achole bottles

8yr ago
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permalink I collect gingerbread hearts :D xD and stuff of Gackt and plush pigs :D xD

8yr ago
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permalink I collect stuff toys... usually teddy bears...


I have pillows...
t-shirts or blouses...

hahaha... sooo spongy... :D

8yr ago
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permalink I collect songs... and pictures sometimes........ :STsmile:

8yr ago
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permalink I collect badges,CD's,DVD's.
But I LOVE collecting manga..
Also computer wise I save lots of photos of my favourite bands.

8yr ago
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permalink things i are pokemon cards & yu-gi-oh cards ty beanie babies

8yr ago
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Quote by JustIronic
I collect music. xD Songs in my computer, mostly, but also the CD's of my favourite bands. Go me.

haha,same here XD

8yr ago
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permalink Hmm. I collect KPOP CD's and KDRAMAS AND JDRAMA AND CDRAMAS CD's. XD

8yr ago
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permalink hmm i mainly collect books :)
specialized in manga. i have only small collection so far, about 210 books. and i have 22 yaoi manga :RBstickout:
tho i have began to collect death note figures ^^ so far i only have L but he'll get at least Light to join in at the next con this summer xP

8yr ago
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permalink I collect anything that is a Panda Animal. :RBblush:

I also collect Pokemon figurines but, I like the old ones that were tiny.
They discontinued that style *Sadness* :RBcrying:

I also collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. I don't play much but, I collect them. :RBblush:

8yr ago
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permalink hm, i dont collect many things but the main things i do collect r basically manga(ive got A BUNCH in my room :D), J-Rock CDs/pictures, 4 some reason sharpies(i luv the colors *_* haha), oh, pens as well haha, and a lot of "gothic/emo-ish" things. haha. :D yup yup, thts wat i collect. :)

8yr ago
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permalink Uhmm,I used to collect stationnaries when I was still in the Philippines. :3
huhuhu, I miss them. D:

8yr ago
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permalink I collect,

Final Fantasy Stuff
Bouncy Balls :RBstickout:
Ramen :)
Naruto Stuff
Pillows :D
annnnnd the pieces of my brain that fall out when my teacher confuses me :RBangry:

8yr ago
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permalink - One Piece/Naruto/Bleach manga volumes
- Stuffed manga characters
- Money from foreign countries (except of euro cuz i use it)
- Cute stuffed animals and fruits.
- Anime Figures
- Miku Hatsune gadgets
- Anime posters ^^

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