What j-rock/vk group/band would you introduce a novice to and what song?

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4yr ago
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permalink What j-rock/vk group/band would you introduce or recommend to a novice and what song?

4yr ago
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permalink I would recommend ViViD because they have a more accessible sound to start out with and give you a little feel for what VK is about~
Here's my favorite song by them if you're interested~

4yr ago
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permalink Tank you!!
Not bad at all 😊
I love their look and sound of this song~
What's the name of the song?

4yr ago
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permalink Diaura Lost November because it was my first song so I guess I would show them how i got into it

4yr ago
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permalink Hmm, GazettE is a good one, and the song I recommend is:

4yr ago
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permalink Answer - vivid

4yr ago
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permalink Sphere, Libra, Desperate, VIP, and Lost Memory - NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST

Etsu to Utsu, Akai mi Hajiketa - Kiryu

Gossip, Mayaku, Marigold, Baba ~ Rose ~ - Lycaon

4yr ago
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permalink D'espairsRay, Born, Lynch, something relatable to western rock bands

4yr ago
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permalink D (Yami no Kuni no Alice or Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari)
Dir En Grey (Rinkaku)
the GazettE (Too many to name)
Signal (Grow Back over Scars)
MERRY (Fukurou)
Nocturnal Bloodlust (Rebellion)
DIAURA (Taidou)
D=OUT (Sunrise or Kabuki Disco)
D.I.D. (The Point of no Return)
The Rootless (One Day)
(Most of these bands are the bands that got me into and hold me to J-Rock and VK)

4yr ago
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permalink Definitely UVERworld - D-Technolife, OOR - The Beginning

4yr ago
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permalink To j-rock:
Clock Strikes, The Beginning or Mighty Long Fall by One Ok Rock, and I would recommend them to bands like Rookiez is Punk'd and uverworld
To VK:
Lost November by Diaura, the Gazette, true by Exist Trace, Byakuya by Monolith

4yr ago
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permalink My first story- Black Rail

3yr ago
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permalink VIVID and DIV

3yr ago
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permalink DIV the song Secret Night.

3yr ago
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permalink Depends what they listen to normally

3yr ago
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permalink Kuroyume or MUCC
Kuroyume : Like @ Angel
MUCC: Libra

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permalink It depends on the style; hard, soft, very visual, a little visual etc.
But The GazettE are a good starting point since they have all round songs~

2yr ago
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permalink For VK:
Royz in general since they´re good for beginners
DIAURA - Lost November

For jrock I´d probably point toward OOR and Spyair

2yr ago
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permalink The gazette, The black swan, LM.C. Kiryu, Dir en grey and Golden Bomber

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