what is your favorite song/s from arashi???

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6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink My favourite Arashi songs include:

1. Wish
2. Love so sweet
3. One love
4. Truth
5. Life

6yr ago
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permalink Right now its Hatenai Sora and Believe but that could change tomorrow :D

6yr ago
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permalink Every song is my favourite song

6yr ago
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permalink I just recently listening to Arashi, I really love Sakura Sake & Blue, others are coming up ^-^

6yr ago
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permalink i love so many of arashi's songs...but:-
1. One Love [i](my number one song)[/i]
2. Crazy Moon [i](so crazy bout it when it first came out)[/i]
3. Mada Ue Wo [i](the coolest song they've ever sung)[/i]
4. Step and Go [i](the most point-turning song in their career)[/i]
5. Typhoon Generation [i](the first song I've ever heard of Arashi)[/i]

are my faves.
Hopefully they will sing more gr8 tunes in the future..Love live ARASHI!

6yr ago
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permalink 1.A.RA.SHI
3.Kono Mama Motto (sho sakurai's solo)

6yr ago
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permalink If I may say so, the whole discography <3

6yr ago
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permalink Beautiful Days and Monster

6yr ago
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permalink hmm...*thinks hard*

1. Truth = PERFECT: melody, choreography, drama and ridaa!!! *lol*

2. Step and Go (it's my first love..so this song should be on the list
3. Hatenai Sora (a song for myself)
4. Jidai (current Arashi addiction XD)
5. Kotoba Yori Taisetsu Na Mono (perfect for concerts and karaoke sessions XD)

6yr ago
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permalink so many >___< all of them my fav kkk~!
my top 8 :p

1. hatenai sora (this my fav song these day)
2. ashita no kioku (i love the melody and lyrics)
3. happiness (because of this song i knew them)
4. meikyuu love song (my current addiction)
5. blue (the melody i love arashi ballad songs XD)
6. thank you for my days (this song great too)
7. crazy moon (dancing arashi kakoiiiii XD)
8. my girl (my calming song kkk~!)

6yr ago
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permalink it's hard to decide which one...but if i got to chose i would say..mmm...
ashita no kioku..,truth..,step and go..,A.RA.SHI... <3 <3

6yr ago
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permalink truth, lotus and believe ;)
and lately meikyuu love song too~

6yr ago
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permalink I love all of their songs. But if I have to choose one, that'll be Kitto Daijoubu.

6yr ago
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permalink Love So Sweet. . .

6yr ago
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permalink Troublemaker. I like the beat. :)

6yr ago
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permalink They haven't got a music, which I don't like... :)

But these are my beloved :
Truth (because, it was my first song, which I heard from them)
Wild at Heart, Monster, Movin'on, Face Down
Attack it, Let me down, Believe,Sakura Sake, Love so sweet...

6yr ago
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permalink Love So sweet ^^

6yr ago
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permalink i think ne song Face Down is awesome :D

6yr ago
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permalink 1. LOTUS
2. Troublemaker
3. Face Down
4. Meikyu No love Song
And many many more :blush: im Arashi fan after all ♥

6yr ago
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permalink Love So sweet and Truth
<3 <3 <3

6yr ago
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permalink 1, Monster (love ohno's part in the end ^^ )
2, Believe
3, Love soo sweet
4, One Love
5, Troublemaker
6, Face Down

6yr ago
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permalink Troublemaker and Believe !!!

6yr ago
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permalink hmmm... hard to choose :D I love the most Sakura Sake, Happiness, Believe, Pikanchi Double, Beautiful Days, Truth and Face Down is really sugoi!!! <3

6yr ago
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permalink All the songs ... it's hard to choice, coz they have great songs in every albums

5yr ago
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permalink Love so Sweet, Wish, One Love and Happiness :3

4yr ago
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permalink All the songs, but if i have to choose one, it 'll be Fight Song

4yr ago
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permalink Love situation
This song is so kawaii!!!

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