What have you been thinking about today?

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8yr ago · 5,925 jpops
So what has been on your mind all day?

What can you not stop thinking about?

8yr ago · 256 jpops
You want 5 Jpops, Steph?
Okay, I have been thinking about my place in the family, and how I feel like a major disappointment lately.
I wonder if I am also a disappointment to my friends.
I also was thinking about college and how I won't be getting into any, really.

8yr ago · 6,247 jpops
i have been thinking... Why the hell is it so hot here! Why do we have to be in drought! I want it to rain :RBcrying:

8yr ago · 256 jpops
It's been pretty wet over here, cottoncandy.

8yr ago · 13,893 jpops
Ive been thinking that everyday is the same damn routine I want something to change :RBangry:

8yr ago · 3,516 jpops
thinking about today...
well still here in school.
and i've been thinking about after one month..
me and my friends or classmates will be one our diff. path. :RBcrying:
that' makes me worry alot.

im a person who thinks alot and does not want to be alone.

and im also thinking : m'i serious on wat course my going to take? :RBohNo:

that's for today: time: 9:17 am
Location: state of kuwait
NKPIS. New Kuwait Philippines International School...

^. It's a new trick of being me crazy about thingys lately :RBhalo:

8yr ago · 3,945 jpops
I'm thinking about everything that has to be done.
Frustrating myself over the fact that summer holiday is months away.
So much to do... :RBcrying:

8yr ago · 2,109 jpops
ive been thinking about how much things i have on my mind....SO MUCH STRESS WHEN IT COMES TA SCHOOL!!!!but i luv going just ta see my friends^-^

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
I've been thinking that my classmate really has the same body type as Rei-chan :hroll:

8yr ago · 31,995 jpops
I have been thinking that if i keep going like this i will faill-_- and repeat this fucking year

8yr ago · 722 jpops
I have been thinking about failing my physical for police training, not being able to talk to my best friend like we used to and finally actually committing to a serious relationship that leads to marriage. I guess my greatest fear is leaving home, I don't know if I am ready for that although old as I am! Oh! and I also think about what people may think about my present companion...

8yr ago · 4,173 jpops
Lol, I've been thinking about nothing special.. Just about a boy I like.
And my past relationship. I wonder why some boys act like they do.

Even though I'm not the kind of person to think about boys a lot. This is frustrating me a little bit.

I've also been thinking of ways to stimulate/ inspire my creativity again.

8yr ago · 5,925 jpops
I've been thinking about how I think too much. I hate the feeling that I'm going to ruin something because it's been running through my mind too much. I just don't know what to do with this guy... I'm afraid I'm going to fall into old patterns that I have with guys with this one, too. And I really don't want that.

I also want to spark some creativity for this new silk screen printing course I'm taking.[edit]Last edit by jedimastersj on Friday 13 Feb, 2009 at 15:49 +23.9%[/edit]

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
If it will leave a scar.

8yr ago · 256 jpops
Quote by mika
If it will leave a scar.

I wonder that as well.

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
@ lexicona: What happened to you, if you don't mind? :P

Today I've been thinking about how I'll spend the winter vacation in two weeks :RBhalo:

8yr ago · 31,995 jpops
i was thinking how stu.id I am and how i gonna revive my .oor la.to.


8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
Wondering if this will leave a scar, and about when I'll take another one the other way to make a cross :RBundecided:


8yr ago · 307 jpops
Well... There has been one thing on my mind all day, night, week... Almost month.

Maybe someone can answer it, maybe not.

Why is it that people fall in love with some people they have never met? Like for instance, people fall in love over the internet, what attracts those two people together?

I don't know why it happens, but I'm so curious to know. It just seems... Odd to me that two people from so far away that have no clue if the other is lying or not, could fall in love.

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
I want to go to Hokkaido and experience winter there :RBheart:

8yr ago · 300 jpops
I'm wondering whether the guy i annoyed in class is still angry. :surprised:

And also why the weather is so wicked hot.

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
Wonder if I'll be able to meet the deadline tomorrow :RBohNo:

8yr ago · 365 jpops
I'm thinking about the extreme mass of people that's going to come in the next couple of days.. Carnaval and I work in a costume store =.=
I'm going to be tired as hell as of tomorrow! :RBcrying:
I don't wannaaaaa ;(

8yr ago · 300 jpops
i'm wondering whether the guy i pissed off in a moment of mischief will forgive me and start talking to me again. :surprised:

8yr ago · 1,154 jpops
thinking bout why i can't concentrate more than 10 minutes every time i'm doing my college work&paper but i can full concentrate when i'm reading novel or manga....hahahaha! :laugh:

8yr ago · 159 jpops
Wondering if the guy everyone says likes me, like me back. :RBundecided:

8yr ago · 6,268 jpops
I should really finish my application for next academic year of college XD

7yr ago · 162 jpops
Today I was thinking about the future. And today I had a feeling like something bad would happen... I was thinking about what bad thing could happen to me next after all that I have gone through lately.

7yr ago · 426 jpops
About life...here...where I live.
And my usual question :: Will my wish come true? ^^

Yes,even in church,when I'm supposed to be all ears,I'm thinking and focusing only on that. :RBblush:

7yr ago · 5,342 jpops
Ok! since this morning I had a little fight with one of my co-worker! And I`ve been thinking about to PUNCH him! Gosh, He`s really PISSED ME OFF. He did something stupid and tell to my boss it`s my fault. What the hell is he doing?!?!?!

OMFG!!! Hontou ni DAIKIRAII :RBveryAngry: :RBveryAngry:

7yr ago · 1,976,110 jpops
i have been thinking how unfair and mean my parents is to to eachothere and that they not seem to care about me... they keep fighting and its always when im i the room.......

why cant they just shut up and see that they do exactly the same that they accuse the other person.......hope that made sense and that i didnt stray to far from the topic

7yr ago · 14,123 jpops
i'been thinking about a song i've been wanting to create all day long :laughing:

7yr ago · 996 jpops
i'm thinking why i hate girl?

7yr ago · 1,277 jpops
I'm thinking why I hate thursdays... :RBsarcastic:
It has always that way since I was a kid... I can't seem to get over it :worried:

7yr ago · 1,976,110 jpops
i have been thinking why i keep chewing on my pencil

5yr ago · 777 jpops
thanks for accepting :) you're a nurse and you like asian music? omfg. when i graduate i'm pursuing that career

7yr ago · 1,976,110 jpops
I have been thinking why pms must hurt so bloody much..... :RBcrying:
bloody...lol :laughing:

7yr ago · 339 jpops

lol neko-chan..
I've been thinking about why I level up...so damn slow..
and I've been thinking these:
"What anime should I watch...hmmm.."

7yr ago · 4,188 jpops
what i'm really thinking...


7yr ago · 31,995 jpops
i have been thinking "TOMORROW'S SHOU'S BRITHDAY:D:D:D :love: :kiss: :totallylove: :jangel: :high5: :RBhalo: :rock: :RBkiss: :lovec: "

7yr ago · 3,834 jpops
I'm thinking Today's Gackt's Birthday!!!

(A LOT of Cancers in J-Pop...)

7yr ago · 332 jpops
im thinking how im gonna survive through work tonight....gonna be booooring :RBconfused:

7yr ago · 357 jpops
Quote by kaldaddy1
I'm thinking Today's Gackt's Birthday!!!

(A LOT of Cancers in J-Pop...)

Did you celebrate?! I did! :D

7yr ago · 357 jpops
Why do people think the sun is yellow when it is really white?

7yr ago · 1,976,110 jpops
im thinking why some people are a**holes

7yr ago · 378,503 jpops
Well there have been several things on my mind today. the first was my wife. She was in the hospital week. So that is something that weighed on my mind this week and especially today.

Well something else that I have been thinking of is Japanese names. I have several characters that need names. that is hard for me because i am not good at naming people other languages that I do not know.

Well that is what I am thinking of at this moment. Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

7yr ago · 2,477 jpops
I was thinking, will I stay in the same class with my friends next year or advance to the 2nd rank class :think: :think: . My class is in the 3rd rank, and my mom kept nagging me to study and was furious after knowing that my best friend has advanced to the 2nd rank class last year :RBfrown: :RBfrown: . But I don't want to go to that class cause the students in that class(except 4 my best friend) are soo arrogant. :RBcrying:

7yr ago · 1,842 jpops
ALICE NINE. :RBhalo: :RBheart: :RBkiss:

really, i can't leave this computer.. XD :RBundecided:
i should be doing something pretty important right now.. :RBundecided:
but i really can't take off my ass here.. :RBohNo:
I love Alice Nine.. i keep on thinking about them..
and the things i would do the day that i would meet them.. hahahahahahaha. :D
this is making me think a lot of different wacky things.. ;)
i have lots of TORA SAGA SHOU HIROTO NAO faces in my mind.. :RBheart: :RBhalo: :RBkiss:
i think of them everyday. XD specially TORA. :RBhalo: :RBheart: :RBhalo:

They are really amazing and AWESOME. :RBhot:
Alice Nine songs keeps on playing in my mind. :RBheart:
I can hear alice nine songs even without an iPod in my ear. XD :RBheart:
Their music is really good.. :RBhalo:
it makes me happy.... :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo:
really really happy.. XD :RBhalo:

7yr ago · 2,257 jpops
exams... i have a lot this week!!! :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

7yr ago · 782 jpops
My boyfriend,who has been away for a week now. He's coming back this Friday and I can't wait to be in his arms again! :)

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